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RA : may i assist you today? Customer : Hi..actually i only have RM250 and i'm looking for a bag that look exclusive but around the RM250 budget. Is it possible? RA : Hm..actually we don't have the RM250 bag but "exclusive" because as you can see this one and most of our new collections are exclusive design but the price would be RM300 and above. yeah we do have the RM250 range.. but the design is not pretty like this one..and this one just NOT EXCLUSIVE. Customer : Oh i see.. Its okay then. Customer: Thank you RA: Okay..welcome RA: may i assist you today? Customer: Hi..i'm actually looking for a bag but i only have RM250 RA: RM250 yeah? Customer: Yes that would be my budget. It is actually a gift. Is it possible? RA: Okay..actually we have a few option for the said budget. so i would like to suggest either this one..or how about this one.. so..these are the new collections. and this is the bestseller, because this is a new colour and this is a very special color and perfect for a gift. Customer: about this one? RA: This one is also nice, suitable for edgy girls.. who wants to look bold, because this one have stud over here so not so feminine. For gift, i highly suggest these two but, i prefer this one. It is nice and suit any outfit Customer: Oh..okay then i'll take this one please. RA: Sure..let me get you a new piece Customer : Hi..i'm looking for a sunglasses which one would you suggest for my face shape? its really hard to find the perfect sunglasses for me RA: Okay i'll find a good one for u RA IS SEARCHING FOR THE MOST EXPENSIVE SUNGLASSES Customer : Dear, are you sure this is the right shape for me? Its big alright ! RA: Yes miss..this is the most exclusive and trending design! just BEAUTIFUL ! Customer: Hi..i'm looking for a sunglasses that suit my face shape just so you know, it's really hard to find the perfect sunglasses for me.. RA: Okay.. pleasure to assist you. We'll find the perfect shades for you, suitable to your face shape. so..your face is small and it's oval shape so the perfect design for you would be rounded small shades. why don't you try this one? Customer: you are right..It's perfect for me ! You're good.. How much does it cost? RA: This one is on sale. It's 50% discount so you will save a lot! so it's really good that you got the best and new design with a really good price! Customer: Hmm okay then i'll take two please.. RA: okay sure..I'll get a fresh piece for you.. RA: Hi can i help you? *customer speak in his native language RA: Do you speak English? RA: I don't understand what you said RA: Shan, I don't understand what they talking about.. ~Customer upset and walk away *customer speak in his native language RA proceed to use sign and body language to interact with the customers

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Posted by: fareeshy on Feb 16, 2019

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