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Money In The Future

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This one question I've been asking myself lately and I'd like to ask you. I'm not just addressing this to the occupy movement all over the world... ...but EVERYBODY all over the world. At what point in the future will we... ...our society, our world, get rid of money? Yeah. The whole monetary system, we won't need it anymore. Is somebody saying "never"? Hu huh. We know, we'll get rid of money at some point... because the Captain has told us about future economics... –Economics of the future is somewhat different... Yeah. And not just somewhat different, a lot different, because... –You see. Money doesn't exist. Ah ha, money doesn't exist in the future. See! There's your prove right there. All right. I understand some of you might be saying: "Future, what future?" I know. If we stick with this system that keeps us fighting each other... ...give us endless wars, then we are headed down apocalypse road. And that is a possibility. But let's remain hopeful for the moment, then imagine... that we can create a different kind of system... ...which doesn't requires the fighting because we realized it. That really is a global village and we have to work together... take care of it. And that's being driven by selfish motives... ...the acquisition of money and power; it's not the way to go about it. –The acquisition of wealth is not longer the driving force in our lives... ...we work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity. Gee! What a concept! Huh! Now, back to the question: When? And I'll give you 3 choices: a) 100 years In geological times is not that long... ...but from our prospective is an eternity. Think about how our world changed in the last century... we were just beginning to make cars and no airplanes... where we are now! Or do you think it could happen in 50 years? Now, think about this exponential growth of... ...our scientific knowledge and technology. We can't imagine what it would look like in 50 years. Ok. Maybe, 10 years? Now, before you answer, don't just toss out an opinion... ...based in the way you feel about it at the moment. If we want to make an educated guess... ...there are a few things, we should consider. I'll just mention 3 or 4, and then I'll move along as quickly as I can here. Number One. Think about why we have money in the first place? Why did we invent it? Well, because we needed something to represent the value of stuff. And that value is based on how much time and effort... labor, went into making this stuff... ...along with how much of it was available and how badly people wanted it. "Supply" and "Demand". Now think about how hard it was in the past to produce food. You have to get out the horses and hook up the plow... and build irrigation systems then harvest it by hand... ...and get it to the market. A lot of work there and you should be compensated for that. Now think about in years to come when we've created automated systems... that can do all this with practically no labor... ...that can produce as much food as everyone needs. In that case, do we need to put a monetary value on it? There is no need to sell it, exchange it for money, right? Another example: Think about building a house, getting the materials and the people... to do the work. What if in the future, we've made systems... that can produce these prefabricated components... ...and assemble homes, where no one would have to be homeless. No price tag needed. And with energy; using clean, renewable systems... ...which we can do now on a local scale. We wouldn't need the drilling and blasting, and the fracking... ...which is good jobs in our current system, right? Good for business... ...not so good for people and the environment in many cases. But a system that continually produces energy for free without human labor. That would be good for people, good for the environment... ...but bad for business. Do you see how backwards... ...our current system will seem to people in the future? Hello! Anyway, if we are thinking about creating a world without money... that means a world where everyone would have access... everything they need and most everything they want. This is what we are talking about. So we should rephrase the question: At what point in the future, do you think our technology... will make these automated systems possible... ...and allow us to move out of the monetary system? All right, that explains the labor part... ...but you might be saying "What about the supply and demand?" Will there be enough resources if EVERYBODY wants EVERYTHING? Well, remember, we wouldn't be in this current system anymore... ...that requires constant consumption and instills those values. The goal in this future system is to use our resources conservatively... ...make as much as we NEED, not as much as we possibly can. I was talking to someone who said... a system like this, everyone would want their own jet ski. But do you really want your own jet ski, where you'd have to store it at home... and have a trailer and a vehicle to pull it then use it for a few hours and... ...haul it back home and store it again. And do maintenance!? No! It would be better to have ACCESS to a jet ski when you want to use it and... ...leave it there when you are done. And there can be enough for everyone... unless you want your own Jet to ski behind... ...and which case that's asking a little too much. Don't you think? These days, more and more... I've been hearing people talk about this type of system... ...and "access economy" or "access abundance" because it makes so much more sense. Instead of making 100,000 jet skis, we could make 20,000 or 30. With this example, how else could we be saving resources? Think about accessories like all the trailers. We can use all these materials for solar collectors or housing components... ...something relevant. And this access economy concept will apply to almost everything. Maybe you would like to learn how to play the guitar. Well... Now, you'll have to shop around and try to find a good deal. And you buy one, play it for a few weeks or months. Lose interest. How many guitar or others instruments are sitting in closets... ...or garages right now? So instead, you'd go to the Music Center or whatever we call it... ...and check one out. Like a library basically. You lose interest, you return it... ...somebody else checks it out. Do you see how we could use so much less of our resources... if everyone had access to the things they want... if the goal WAS NOT to make and sell as much as many is possible... like this day outdated growth economy requires... ...but make as many as we need, as people want. I know it is hard to get a handle on that concept, counter intuitive. It's like the opposite of... ...what our traditional thinking would have us believe. And this is number three to consider. The traditional values that are drilled into us by our culture. And it is something that could work against us, that hinders our growth. Makes it harder to transition into an updated system... ...because people tend to hold on to what is familiar. We are fearful of something different or unknown. And the small group of people who are in power... ...they don't want to see any change in these values. No, these established institutions are working great for that 1%... ...who control the main stream media, where you hear them saying: "Don't listen to people who are proposing any kind of change... ...or rational alternatives. They just want to control you, (even more than we're controlling you). Don't trust common sense and logic or you'd be screwed... (even worse than we are screwing you right now with this system... ...keeping you in debt, slavery and lifelong servitude to us)." Yes. It is kind of sad that we are limited in many ways... our traditional thinking. Some of us can't imagine not having this monetary system... they think "people always will be fighting each other"... ..."for the domination", "that is our nature", when it's not. It's the system, we're trapped in which requires that kind of behaviors, see? It's not our nature. Human beings would rather cooperate and help each other. And this has being proven by people who has studied the human brain... ...can actually look into it and see how it functions. When we finally grow up and get out of this system... we won't be fighting each other anymore trying to crash the competition... ...and accumulate more possessions and power. –People no longer obsess with the accumulation of things... we've eliminated hunger, want, the need for possessions... ...we've grown out of our infancy. Here is something to think about. Not long ago in the 1950's there were millions of people who were saying: "We'll never walk on the moon". And in the next decade, there we were! Hey! You want to know why so many people were saying that? It's because of the idea of a man walking on the moon was so far outside... their reality, their everyday experience... outside of their familiar, traditional thinking. That's one reason and here is another. This people were not up to date with the advancement in technology. They didn't know what was possible at point in time... ...with the latest scientific discoveries and breakthroughs. But this kind of limited traditional thinking is a problem. You'd wish you could hop in a time machine and go back there... grab this people by the shoulders and shake them and say: "Wake up! Of course we'll be waking on the moon!... in the next decade, you know... our astronauts will be up there bouncing around in their go karts... ...and hitting golf balls on the moon. Come on! Open up your mind. Your limited thinking is holding us back! I mean, if it is the collective consciousness... ...then we need everyone to wake up and be conscious. Well what do you guys do? I mean, you don't drink and you ain't gotten no TV. Must be kind of boring, ain't it? "Hillbilly On A Starship?" "Does not Compute" Look. Here is one last thing to consider. We see how this culture, values... ...and our traditional thinking can slow down this transition. But here is something that could counter that and work in our favor. And that is the rational thinking that people are doing now... when looking at the reality of our predicament... and then, what is actually possible... (when they get up to date with the latest technology)... looking how things can be so different, seeing the possibilities... the benefits to the health of our planet... ...our environment and our OWN health. And once again, what is the main reason things would be so different? –Money doesn't exist. Right! Without the restrictions of a monetary system, everything changes. When automated systems are doing their work then money becomes obsolete... ...along with EVERYTHING ELSE related to it. It's mind-boggling when to start to think of all the ramifications. So let's run through it here. Come on! Full-ramifications ahead! All right! We started with the simple money to represent real things... then some banks, and more banks with bigger branches... and Central Banks with their "criminal" reserves... Investment banks, Lending institutions, Savings and loans... Commercial banks, Private banks, Offshore banks... Credit Unions Equal Opportunity Lenders... Stocks Markets and Brokers... Commodity Exchanges and Traders... Gold dealers, Financial Advisers... Oh, my god! Look at these things. And what is everybody doing in these occupations? Counting Numbers! Yeah! That's right! People need real things, food, and housing and energy... ...but we are just moving numbers around. So many numbers, that we need new occupations. Accountants!... keep track of them. Yeah! And some Internal Auditors, Accounting Clerks, Budget Analysts, Tax Accountants. And if the numbers don't add up... we'll need lawyers, trials lawyers, business attorneys... ...and a court system where they can fight it out. "You honor, these are the correct numbers. If you just add the Net Assets with the Growth Profits and... and subtract the Income Credit of the Mortgage Backed Securities... from the losses on the Credit Swaps and Deferred Annuities... and the game plays on... And you know there is a lot that can go wrong with all these things... we'll need insurance. For our business and our workers, our homes, and cars, our health. And what else? Oh, my god! Just look at all the things we can make up. How about kidnap insurance? Yeah! You bet. Terrorism Insurance, why not? Insurance against alien abductions. Sure! Somebody will try that. We'll try anything to keep the pyramid growing. A lot of forms to fill out and endless paper work... ...where we can write more numbers and then move those numbers around. But remember this is what we are getting rid of... we are letting go of this for our next generations... let's feel good for them! This is happy time. Come on! Smile. Damn it! Plaster on a big smile for me. Do you? It gets better. Yeah! There you go! All right. No need to have representative in Washington making decisions for us. This decision are made right there in your town, by your community... ...for your community. No need to debate budgets. No money! We'd be discussing resource allocation, maybe... and the best way to keep our automated... production systems running efficiently... ...improving them, in your own community. Bureaucrats, politicians, a thousand miles away, will not be required. Not be working for them anymore. Don't need to give in a portion of your work. Hey everybody. NO TAXES! Does that giving you a tingle in your jingle? Come on! Let's celebrate! For our next generation, I guess. I'm jealous, envious. I mean, wouldn't you like to be a part of that generation... when we've... grown out of our infancy. Hey. Don’t feel bad if you are working in any of these occupations... ...that are irrelevant to what people need. You are in the majority! Yeah, that is right! The majority of us are working at things, people don't need. It's funny... Not! No, It's not. It's not funny. And these are not the only problems that disappear with money. Think about crime. Is anybody robbing anybody else? No! People can have what they need now, so there is no incentive in it... take advantage of others, not motivation for that, see? And most crimes is about money and property, so that's all gone. And this two: "Poverty, Hunger"... and the "Financial Crisis"... ...and this: "Debt Slavery" and that: "Sex slavery". You begin to see how money... ...just might be at the root of all evil. We don’t think is going to be some kind of utopia... ...because there would be still problems. And I bet you can think of a few, breakdowns with the systems now and then... ...which can be fixed but there are problems. And shortages of certain supplies or resources... ...again these can be corrected, hopefully without much inconvenience. And people might argue which approach work the best... ...but this can be tested because we are dealing with technical issues. Now tell me: What kind of problems are these? They are "REAL problems"... ...that people need to be dealing with, that can be solved. And wouldn't you be spending some of your time working with... and solving problems that are relevant or related to projects in your community... ...instead of the kinds of problems we have to deal with now? Yeah. "I Can't Find a Job" There is a lot of sickness generated by this system... ...and we all suffer from it to some degree. Think of the values we profess, to strive for: Do unto others... Treat your fellow human being with "respect", "empathy", and "love"... ...but, we have a system that rewards just the opposite. People at the top... People at the top are the best takers... ...the best in gaining advantage over others. They'll step all over people and use them to claim, higher up the pyramid... ...which could be described as a form of psychopathic behavior by definition. The people who are at the top of the money game, they are just the sickest. They are the most ruthless, business savvy, psychopaths we can produce. I mean, look at some of these guys. Would they even know what to do with themselves in a world without money? –Then, what would happen to us? There is no trace of my money... office is gone. What would I do? Oh man! Listen to that, what a pussy! "What would I do without my money?" "Who am I?" –What would I do?... would I live? Material needs no longer exist. And what's the challenge? The challenge, Mr. Hoffman House is to improve yourself... enrich yourself. Enjoy it! But, hmm... You know, we can't really blame them in one sense... it's the game we've created and hmm... And its highest level... it's about "cut throat competition", "domination"... ... "crush your competitors". And they are just doing, what people do in the system. And you wish, we could change them somehow... ...make them care more about people than possessions and power. It might not be possible though, when are in this game. We have to change the game. Money is something we needed in the past, a necessary evil. Then, we created this huge, artificial structure to support it. A big old wall and we keep building it up... ...piling on the bullshit, but it's crumbling now, you know. Foundational flaws. It's a wall that just divides us; it's time to dismantle it. The wall must come down, this iron curtain made of paper. Hey! Here is my new battle cry: Mr. Moneybags, Tear down this wall! What do you think? "You warm my heart". All right! So, after considering these things. The facts about "Labor", "Automation"... ..."Demand", "Access Economy"... "The Traditional Thinking" that hold us back... and "The rational Thinking" that reveal the reality... ...all "The Possibilities". Well, 100 years? or 50? maybe 10? Let's have one more. Maybe "Now"? Yeah. We could do this now, we could begin this transition. If we could all just come together and with one giant collective PULL!! Get our heads out of our asses. "Our Golden Idol" And I leave you with that pleasant thought... and the "realistic" possibilities when we've grown... ...grown out of our infancy. We may have to stop a few times... and pick up some of these stragglers along the way... ...but, we'll get there...

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A moneyless society in the future. A society based in resources, not money.
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