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Partnering with your sponsors

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Behind the Scenes What I want to talk you about is Ronda Carnegie of the role of partnerships within the TED exhibits and in the world of TED as well. What I thought I'd do is just start off with a short video on how we talk about partnerships at TED. The TED conference presents an opportunity to bring together such an amazing group of collaborative people to see how to spread ideas. In a tradictional sponsorship, typically what happens is: "let's give you some money and then you can have your logo up here". In TED, it's: "What can we do.. that's really interesting? What do we do that moves the bar forward What can we do that no one has ever done before? Let's turn the lights down! Are you ready? It's time for TED! We're up here, day 2 at TED: I'm sitting in front of a GE conversation board that will take in on this year as part of the sponsorship programme that we're doing with TED. Well, it's been fun to see the ideas and conversation that we're having about our energy future: top subjects such as "Smart Grid", that we decided to come to TED because... this is where the conversations happen, where you get a great intersection of smart people who have passion, who have resources who have capabilities to make things happen. Four of the last five years I've been... the "Bag" sponsor for the TED Conference. I have kind of evolved the "Bag" into a platform for partnering with other TED community members. This year this is a collaboration with Coca-cola and Steel Case design tags. We did ten colors of this fabric... and so there are actually 2.200 bags... ...1.100 unique color ways. Then we have a little contest to find your twin and win. Throughout the breaks we're doing all this interesting chocolate pairings & tastings. And so the one this morning is all about baking in chocolate. And the bookstore alone... you know, that was hard... because I'm glad while shipping books home... because I've bought two bags already! So under "Explore", there are... a lot of things you can explore: You can explore constellations, you can explore the solar system... So many people come at me at TED saying: "This is so wonderful, I wanted to do this my whole life to be able to really feel like I can explore the universe and..., and you've made it!" And I thought: "That's was I always wanted too!" We have a message that we think... is important about energy about technology, about the future of energy and I think also about the place of a company like Shell. And this is the sort of public to engage with that kind of message. They appreciate it, they understand it Some of them are out there creating that future. And it gives us a chance to have a very different kind of dialogue. It's an incredible oportunity to reach a lot of people who are industrial furnishers, potential customers, potential suppliers... great sources of creative inspiration for what you're doing. The first TED I came to the product that they used to support the speakers on stage was somebody else's furniture. I thought we could bo a better job of actually enabling the setting to be cooler to have a different kind of vibe. Because a can connect my learning and the products to the sight, I then get interaction and feedback from lots of people that use it, and it helps stimulate the next generations of what we might create. As a sponsor of TED, it's been a sheer delight working with the TED organisation. It's been smooth, it's been easy, we're working towards realizing a common objective, and it just doesn't get any better than that. So let me just quickly talk about some of the ways that TED events, again, you know, we talk a lot about the power of the audience that's in there that these are people who are coming who are in search of an idea, that they're a powerful group of people to engage with, and you don't want to miss the opportunity to be able to do that. There's lots of different ways that we talk to partners about engaging at TED and and here are some examples: Conference infrastructure is the most obvious, of course, and what we find, - I'll talk about this in a minute-, is that, that tends to be a lot of inkind partners, projects and collaborations. How can those who are partners come together and learn from those people who are coming to TED? And how can we facilitate those kinds of conversations? To showcase innovation you saw Microsoft did it, and others. What's the next thing that we need to learn? And how can we be a part of that? Show it to us before it's come out in the market, so that we have a sense of new ideas! Networking, obviously the moment which people who have ideas come together. It's a powerful opportunity, What can you do in that entertainment? One of the things that I always talk about at TED is that we are not party planners and we're not selling parties, and so, within partnerships at TED we're not interested in winning big marketing and just putting in logos everywhere. We want to push partners to think beyond that and to really think about the opportunity again, that they can present themselves in a different way. So I've just pulled some things here, just in terms of conference infrastructure. I heard someone talking, as I was walking around with Blanche, and they said: "boy, it is amazing when you mention TED: how people come to the party because of the brand name in terms of wanting to be a part of giving and being a part of this as a community project. And so infrastructure is obviously the most, is the obvious way to be able to do that in terms of inkind partners. Here is just a listing of things that I've seen in terms of inkind, and these are quite obvious in terms of those ways in which partners can participate. And then also, how can you create experiences that are interesting and unique? Fun, playful and again thinking about whether it is test-driving a new product or doing something in an interesting, unique way. You saw that whole thing about chocolates and tasting and baking, there's a whole thing about food that takes place! That is a huge opportunity to be able to do something interesting and unique with partners around the idea of food and integration that I think it's really exciting. And then, I think it's very exciting to really focus on local partners, when you can. You now, the idea that today a TEDx can be a modern chamber of commerce, and before people came together around building a community and now today ideas are at the centre of that community. So how can you localise that? in terms of giving those local partners and opportunity to be able to be a part of the conversation? So this is a typical e-mail that I get all the time... Can I talk to Google, Nokia, Microsoft, Coca-cola, and Vodafone and I'llprobably get about 50 of these emails a day. And so I just wanted to spend one minute talking about that, because I think that there's this misperception that we don't want you to talk to those people. We actually are Ok with you talking to those people! It's just a matter of who is the right person to have that conversation with and what is the context of that conversation. So, these are partners that we're talking to about bigger initiatives, and often what comes back, is the person that I'm working with at a corporation, will say they're getting tones of different phone calls. So, one of the things that we're working on is working with corporations about how to make that process a little bit easier, find out what regions are interested in focusing on, and then being able to give you a change to continue to talk to them. Someone said to me earlier: Nokia whas going to do an event in my market anyway, and if it can be a TEDx, and if they're going to spend the money anyway, what can't they do it in my market? And these are the situations we were learning so much from you as a community, in terms of interactive with corporations and it feels like we'll just have to work that through in terms of getting to a comfortable place. So, I want to communicate a complete openness to that, but just know that we're students here along with you, as we move through this process. So, you know, roughly, what we're working on, just to give you an idea in terms of what I'm thinking and the team is thinking going forward: we're looking for a more expanded sponsorship guidelines. that will allow this measure of flexibility in terms of reaching out. We want to really look at TEDx organisers to expand partnership relationships with a menu of TED projects. If you're talking to a partner and they want to understand how they engage with bigger TED, we are happy to talk to you about some of the projects we're doing, and to get you involved, not only as a community, a TEDx community, but in association with your partnership. And again, you know, creating this very open environment, where we can share best practices. I'm happy to answer questions after of during the conference as well. Thanks

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Partnering with your sponsors
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