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Upload Your Book to KDP_LYDB Aug18

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>> Hello, everybody, Marisa here. And today, we are going to talk about how to upload your manuscript to Kindle Direct Publishing KDP. So this is an exciting process for those of you who have made it to this point. As a very first step, before we even go and upload our manuscript, you'll want to make sure that your manuscript is formatted properly and that you have everything that you will need in order to go through the steps of uploading to KDP. So there is a handout in this module called The Book Printing Checklist. I recommend you check that out first. It will just let you know things that you will need such as your title, your subtitle, your back-cover text, your ISBN number if you purchased one in advance. And it just lists everything out there, so take a look at that. I'm also going to recommend that you go to And I'm going to click on Help right here and then type in "submitting your paperback to KDP," select the first option that comes up there. And under this Help topic, you'll see just some more information here, including templates and a step-by-step guide on how to properly format your book. So let's say that you've written your book, and it's in a manuscript... I'm sorry, it's in a Microsoft Word document, but you haven't done any formatting yet, you can download one of KDP's free templates here. We also have other resources in the curriculum if you would like to use a template from elsewhere or work with a designer for a custom template. But if you want to just use one of KDP's straightforward templates, download it here. And then they have a step-by-step guide and some webinars with more information. And then you can understand the kinds of checks, which there's an automated check. So after you upload your files, you'll be checking them with the KDP Print Previewer, and there is an automatic tool that's part of the process that will check for errors that you'll need to fix before you can submit for publication. And then there's going to be a manual check, which means that KDP is going to manually check your manuscript after you upload it to make sure that everything lines up, that there is no issue with your interior or cover files. And if they find any issues, they'll email you instructions of what to fix before your book will be able to go live. Okay, so once you have your manuscript completely formatted correctly and ready to go and you have all the other pieces that you will need according to the book printing checklist, you are ready to upload your book. So let's go back to, okay? And then we're going to make sure that we're signed in here. And once you're signed in, you'll be brought to this page. So next, you'll select this option to upload a paperback book. And here we go. It's very straightforward, as you can see, pretty clear, but I'll go through each section to explain what each section means. So the book title is pretty self-explanatory here. I'm just going to be entering example information into all of my fields. The subtitle is optional, but if you do choose to include a subtitle, you should keep in mind that your subtitle should be a complete and descriptive companion to the title. You should also keep in mind that your title and subtitle will need to match exactly the title and subtitle that is on your front cover. So the Series information is optional. You don't need to enter it. And I think 99.9% of you won't need to enter this. It's really just, if your book is going to be part of a series, the series name is the name for the entire sequence of books, and the Series Number is optional, but it should show readers which part of the series the book is in, for example, volume one or volume two, etcetera. If you want to read your... I'm sorry, if you want your readers to read your books in a certain order, this is where you provide that information. But I think many of you, if not all of you, will just leave the Series section blank. Many of you, if not all of you, will probably leave the Edition Number area blank for now as well, since for most of you this will be the first book that you are self-publishing and the first edition of that book. The Author Name area should also be self-explanatory. You just enter your name there. And the Contributors section here is optional. You may choose to include any co-authors, editors, illustrators, translators, or anybody else who assisted with your book's creation here, but it's not necessary that you do. And just as a note, you can include an Acknowledgment section inside your book and write a personal thank you to any contributors there. So it's not essential that you include them here as part of the book's listing unless they contributed in a very substantial way. In the Description section here, you're going to enter your back-cover text. And book descriptions matters, so this is your chance to give your reader a clear sense of what they will gain by reading your book. You want to use your description to pique your readers' interest and convince them that your book is high quality, so definitely fill in this area. Publishing Rights, as long as this is your work, and it's your book that you're self-publishing, you own the copyright, so you'll select that first option. And Keywords here, so they give you the opportunity to enter seven. And you want to enter all seven because this is any phrase that a person might use to find your book when they're on Amazon, they might enter in the search field. So you can add up to seven, but also, they don't have to just be words, they can be phrases up to 50 characters each. So, for example, let's say, I was writing a book on an eating disorder, I can go ahead and type eating disorder and then other search terms that might go with that. You get the idea? And you want to make sure to use all seven fields, okay? And then the Category section, this is how your book will be categorized on Amazon, so you're just going to choose the most relevant category that you can. So let's say I was writing a book on an eating disorder, I would choose, let's say nonfiction... Maybe my book is a little bit like a self-help book. So let's just go with health and fitness... Let's go with diet and nutrition, let's say that it's more of that kind of book and less of a memoir, okay? There's probably a more fitting category, but I'm just working with an example here, so category selected, and then there's just an adult content selection here to make. So does your book contain language, situations, or images inappropriate for children under 18 years of age? I will say no, and Save and Continue. So the next thing here is the ISBN section. So here is where you either upload your own ISBN number which you should have by now if you chose to purchase your own or you can have KDP assign you a free one, which I will do just for purposes of this example. So we have some content in the curriculum explaining more about ISBN numbers, but just to recap quickly, if you purchase your own ISBN number, you have more rights in terms of where you can sell your book. You can select KDP's Expanded Distribution and sell it through other outlets in addition to Amazon. You could also sell it at bookstores, local bookstores, or other online retailers whereas if you choose to have KDP's free ISBN number assigned to you, then you will only be able to sell your book on So if you don't have the budget for an ISBN number, you might just choose a free one, but keep that in mind, there is a difference. The Publication Date doesn't affect much. You can probably just leave that blank. Otherwise your... I believe if you leave it blank, then just the date that your book goes live on Amazon will be used, which will either be today or tomorrow if there are no issues with your manuscript once you upload. You could just leave that blank. And then we have some decisions to make around our print options. So as you can see here, you have three options, you can choose a black and white interior with cream paper, you can choose a black and white interior with white paper, which is what I'll choose right now, or you could do a color interior with white paper. Keep in mind that choosing a color interior will increase your printing costs substantially. You choose your trim size here. Select a different size if you want to. I would recommend going with a standard size though. Don't go with a nonstandard trim size. It makes your book less sellable. And people often have options about the Bleed Settings and what does that mean. So basically, if your book has bleed, it means that there are elements such as pictures that will extend all the way to the margins. So you might have a cookbook where you have photos that bleed all the way off the page almost, okay? If you have no bleed, that means that you have that margin there. So in this case, I'd have a white margin around any pictures that I include. So let's say that I'm just uploading a straightforward all-text manuscript here. I definitely want to select no bleed. And then you can choose either matte or glossy cover. And you can also change this at any time if you want to have your book sold and printed with a glossy cover for the first like few 100 copies that people buy and then switch to matte later. You can change that at any time, okay? So now we are... Here we are here ready to upload our manuscript. So hopefully, you have that ready to go. I'm just uploading an example here. It's not an actual book. You want to make sure that file is, again, correctly formatted and in PDF format. And now the book cover, so you may have worked with a designer and you may have that file ready to go, somebody created a cover for you, or you may have designed your own cover using a program like that is C-A-N-V-A dot-com, really recommend that site. You can make some really beautiful covers. They have some great tools. It's absolutely free. And they have some cover templates, so I really recommend. If you're even, just the slightest bit, tech savvy, it's very user friendly and you can create a really beautiful cover. Or if you're very, very not tech savvy and you don't have a budget to hire a designer, you can go ahead and launch the cover creator here. And... This is KDP's free cover creation tool, and kind of just go through that process there. Okay. So let's say that I already have a cover file... Upload it there. And now I can launch the previewer... Which is going to let me just see how things are looking. This may take a few minutes as the system prepares your files, just let it run. And after several minutes, you'll be able to view an electronic version of your book to see how it will look in print form. And if there's anything that needs to be changed, don't approve it, you'll have to exit out of the previewer and make any needed changes, then re-upload your manuscript again, and re-preview, reapprove it, okay? And then as a final step here, you will see that you can select individual territories where your book will be available for distribution. I'd recommend just selecting all territories so that it can be available in as many places as possible. And here you'll enter your book price, which you have decided on in advance. So let's say that I want to sell my book for $14.99. It will then, very conveniently, tell me right here what my cost will be and what the royalty will be. So 60% of that price is what you, as the author, make, minus the printing, and that is your royalty per copy sold, and mine will be $6.84 here. You can select Expanded Distribution... Which I recommend that you do. And now my book will be available in these marketplaces as well Amazon UK, Amazon... As you can see here, all the other facets of Amazon. I did mention earlier that you will not be eligible to select Expanded Distribution if you are going with a KDP ISBN number, but you are eligible for these other Amazon outlets, so just international Amazon outlets. And if you have your own ISBN number, you'll be eligible for more outlets in addition to Amazon's. Okay, so we are now ready to publish the paperback book by selecting this option, which I am not going to do because this is just an example. But you're ready to go, and then once KDP approves your book with their manual check, it's going to be live. You don't have to do anything else. You don't have to come back. They're not going to email you to have you click one final button to let it go. Once it's good to go, it will be live. In this process, a pop-up will come up. I believe it's going to tell you that it will take somewhere between 12 and 24 hours to process. But what we've usually found with our authors is that it takes much less time than that, usually or possibly a couple of hours. So your book may be live sooner than you think, very exciting. And if you want to make a change later, if you find a typo or you want to change something, you can just go right in at any time to your bookshelf and open up your book and re-upload your manuscript at any time. And then once that is reapproved, it will go live. And anybody that purchases a copy of your book after you make that update, it will not contain that typo that you fixed. So that's it, folks, for today for uploading your book to KDP. I hope that this was helpful. You can reach out to us in the Facebook group at any time for support with this, or if you have a more technical question, you can always email [email protected] Thanks for joining me today. Take care.

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