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le tourisme au maroc - Vidéo1

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Tourism professionals are already thinking about next year while 2008 is ending with much better results than last year. Tour operators are getting ready to witness a season of the backdrop of the international crisis to continue to attract visitors, the kingdom has decided to strengthen its tourism through targetting a new audiance Morocco continues to attract many tourists. They were 6 700 000 who visited the kingdom during the first 10 months of this year, a figure that is 6% more than last year in the same period, which constitutes a performance in a difficult international environment We first owe these results to the variety. Diversity is the wealth of our touristic product We.... also.....owe, these results to the closeness from the markets, the main markets to the strategic choices that Morocco has made for tourism, this sector that benifits from the high concern of His Majesty that also benifits from the mobilization and the support of all professionals The French who came on top, followed by Spanish Belgians and Germans, not to ignore Moroccans living abroad who were more than 3 million to visit Morocco. Mobilization remains at all times formatting. 2009 looks difficult even the World Tourism Organisation expects a lower touristic demand next year The environment in which we operate is an international environment and fatally tourist visits will be of affected by this international crisis Nevertheless it is more resilient than the competition and preserve our market share: and be creative and aggressive there is no magical solution. We must return to the fundamentals and these fundamentals are fundamentals of the struggle everyday on the ground, to get customers wherever they are to negotiate with tour operators to attract travel agencies, to do even more on the ground, more face to face as I tell my teams, in a way to attract enough professionals in our country. We have to be more innovative based on the communication tools we have there are about 900 millions of tourists worldwide and Morocco given its strengths mentioned given its commitment having regard also to the mobilization of all public and private actors in this sector, I think that we have, and the motivation and the ways to save and to keep our market share in our priority markets. Going to new source markets the Eastern and Gulf countries in particular, another challenge that many operators in the sector intend well ,convinced of the benefits of the kingdom and its ability to attract even more tourists.

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About tourism in Morocco

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