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The Caffè Nero Roastery

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My name is Gaetano Pelliccia. I am the Head of Roasting. We are here to tell you about how much we love coffee. As I always say, we love coffee not because it's good, but good because we love it. That's why we are in this industry. We do achieve something really that I think we should be very proud of. Whatever we do, in all honesty, we try and do always with love. Because we know that it's the only way to achieve fair results. In fact, we are very proud of having, I've got to say, a nice team. We're always together. United. We think the same way. Like a symphony. Somebody plays the piano, somebody else plays the violin. But all together when we sing, when we play together we make sure that the symphony is really beautiful. Everything starts with green coffee. So, everything starts with what Mother Nature can give us. It's extremely important to link directly with the farmers. Without being able to connect with the source would be impossible to be provide the highest quality and the most consistent one. Giacomo buys the beans and says 'Marco, it should be this quality.' Then I check them. I have a look at the colour, if it's all uniform. And that tells me if the coffee is good quality from there. So we create our unique blend by using coffees from all around the world. The magic is being able to blend them in order to always obtain exactly the same result every month and every year. Everybody can buy green coffee and roast it, but to do it how we do is a bit different. It's only us. Yes. What we do is to get the green beans, which means the raw beans. Get them into the roaster. Then from there it's going to transform. It's going to change the colour, it's going to change the volume, it's going to change the taste. It's such a delicate part of the process because it's like we're baking a cake. If we don't manage to get from the beans the acidities, the aromas, the body if that doesn't work right then nothing else will be right. We enjoy being together. We enjoy helping one another to achieve. People usually say we have a family approach at work. We feel like a family. We try every single batch we roast. We check the consistency, and that's a fact. It's the truth. We want to make sure that whoever outside the Roastery tries the coffee, falls in love with it as much as we have.

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