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Intro to Apps - AARP

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[RealPad] [Real Possibilities, AARP] [Intro to Apps, Real Possibilities, AARP] In this video, you will learn about apps that come pre-installed on your AARP RealPad Android tablet and how to install new ones. App is short for application. Apps are used on mobile devices like the RealPad. The RealPad had a number of apps already installed. Let's take a look at some of these apps now. Send and receive emails from anywhere. You can use your existing email or create a new Gmail account. The camera app allows you take high resolution photos and videos and even allows you to do basic photo editing. You can use the Gallery app to view pictures and videos that you've taken as well as those that others have shared with you. With the AccuWeather app, you can check the weather forecast of almost any city in the world. YouTube is a large collection of videos on the Internet. This app is a resource for educational and entertainment-based videos. Google Play Books puts one of the world's largest bookstores on your tablet. Don't worry about downloading too many books. Your RealPad has room for thousands of books. The AARP app is a great way to browse member benefits and read AARP news on the RealPad. With the AARP Publications app, you can read all of your favorite issues of the AARP magazine and the AARP bulletin in one place. Stay connected to friends and family using social media, like Facebook, with the Facebook app. No matter your preference, the RealPad comes with multiple news apps that are updated in real time. The Google Hangouts app allows you to make video calls, send messages, and share photos and videos. You can get turn-by-turn directions from wherever you are to wherever you need to go, whether you're walking, driving, or taking public transportation from Google Maps. The Keep is the digital version of a pad of paper and is a place to jot down your thoughts while on the go. All of these apps are already on the AARP RealPad, but there are over one million other apps to choose from. You can download apps through the Google Playstore. To access the Google Playstore, go to the home screen, then tap Playstore. Tap Apps. This is the homepage of the Apps Store where you'll find featured apps. To search for an app by name, tap the magnifying glass and type in the name of the app. There are apps that you pay for and apps that are free. Browse the Top New Paid, Top New Free, and Trending Apps by tapping these categories. Many of the highest rated and most popular apps are free to download. Tap Top Free to explore these apps. Tap any app for more information about that app. You'll see a description of the app as well as reviews and screenshots that allow you to see what the app looks like. To download the app to your RealPad, tap Install. Then tap Accept. Once the app is downloaded, it will appear on your home screen. To download apps, you will need a Google account. A Google account allows you to download apps, movies, music, and books from the Play Store, back up your tablet, chat with people using Hangouts, send and receive emails through Gmail, and much more. To create a Google account, tap the RealPad toolbar icon on the left side of the navigation bar. Tap the Settings folder. Tap Google Account Settings. Tap New. Then follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account. Note that you can skip certain steps including the step to enter a credit card. This simply allows you to download apps that cost money to your RealPad. You won't be charged unless you choose to download such an app. Just tap Skip if you are not comfortable with this step. After setting up your account, tap the Home icon to return to the home screen. Enjoy exploring and using apps on your RealPad.

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Posted by: aarp on Sep 11, 2014

Provides overview of the apps already installed on your RealPad, and learn how to download additional apps

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