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What's your WHY?

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One of the more relevant thought leaders for business is a guy called Simon Sinek, who wrote a book 'Start With Why'. He argues that what separates the great leaders over history, with everybody else, is their ability to communicate based on their 'why'. He argues that they don't communicate necessarily on what it is they do, or how it is they do it, they're all about why it is that they do things. He looked at leaders like Steve Jobs, the Wright brothers, Martin Luther King, Walt Disney, these sort of people, and he argued that the reason everybody gravitated towards them was because of their communication on their why - their belief system, his belief is that we all want to believe in a higher cause. And he tells a story about Walt Disney and the environment that is Disneyland, and - everyone's heard of Disneyland, some of us have been there - and Disneyland has this amazing environment where it's "the happiest place on earth". And he tells a little narrative of a janitor, a cleaner, who starts his first day at work, he gets there, he meets his boss - her name is Julie - and Julie's really frantic - hasn't got time to take him through the Mission Statement, the Core Values, the operating manual, doesn't even have enough time to give him a uniform or a mop or anything, she said "Jason, it's your first day as a cleaner - what I need you to remember is our 'why' - - and at Disneyland, our why is all about 'Make People Happy'. If you can get that right, the rest is sorted. Run off, have a happy day, I'll see you at lunchtime and I'll give you a uniform, the manual etc." So Jason runs off, takes 30-40 steps and bumps into a mother whose looking quite distraught and upset because her son is crying. As he looks on the ground he notices that the boy has dropped his milkshake - a polystyrene container - and when that drops to the ground it shatters, and it went everywhere went all over the kid's pants, all over the mum's dress, the kid's upset, the mum's distraught... Jason gets up and says "Hey, it's OK, I'm a cleaner." And they look at him a bit strange... well you're not dressed like a cleaner, you don't even have a uniform on... and he remembers 'What is it that I do? We Make People Happy.' So he bent over, picked up the polystyrene container, and what's left of it he tipped it on his head. The little boy starts laughing, the mum sees her son happy - she's happy, they run off into the janitor's closet (or the cleaner's room), tidy themselves up, and away they go. And that little story, that little message, I think shows how important it is to understand and communicate based on your why It's like how Martin Luther King, 50 or 60 years ago, managed to get 300,000 people to the same place at the same time to hear his message that he has a dream. In a time when there was no Outlook, no Instagram, no Facebook, no calendar invite or anything. Because people gravitated towards his 'why'. Once we got that, we realised how important it is having a Why at The Practice. And our why is three little words - we're all about Liberating People's Lifestyles. So whenever we go to make a decision, whether it's internal or external, whether it's to deal with a new customer, take on a new supplier, make a change in our business, hire a new team member, create a function... we always bring it back to centre and are we Liberating People's Lifestyles? And whenever we make decisions that are completely in alignment with our Why, we always get it right.

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Articulating what drives you - why you do what you do - is incredibly powerful not only for connecting with customers, but also for engaging your people within a high-performance culture.

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