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"Ride the Lightning" album we met Cliff and Peter at a show in New York. - How'd you hook up with Flemming? - He was just a guy who we could afford. He was producer and engineer so we didn't have to pay for two. - That's how it was, man. - I know, I know. Did he have a studio? Was it his place? No, he worked in Sweet Silence Studios, in Denmark and we were on tour in Europe. We stayed at... There were a couple of things. We stayed at a hotel and totally skated on the bill. I mean, we stayed there for months. We'd record all night and go home to the hotel and they'd just be putting out the breakfast buffet. It was just like, "Yeah", pig out and go to sleep. We ended up running from that place. The other time... I think the first time we slept in the studio. We slept up in the tape room upstairs. I remember sleeping on the floor and looking through all these tapes. - Rainbow had recorded there. - Oh, really?! We got him to pull up some old Rainbow 2 inches. And we put them on there. - We soloed Ritchie's tracks. - No shit. - That was awesome. - Very cool. Then we stayed out at some other guy's place, we'd have to take the bus or we'd steal a bike, 'cause bikes there, they were everywhere. But we were out in some residential area so we would go into people's backyards and look for bikes. And we'd find a bike most of the time. We'd at least ride the bike to the bus station and hope it's still there when we get back and a lot of times it wasn't so... - So we'd have to go and find another bike. - Shit. What was your original question? I was asking you how you connected with Flemming? This language thing. I think the record company made a deal with his wife to make us food, like dinner. Man! After a while it was not a good vibe. We were there for a couple of months. Lars was the only one who spoke Danish in the band. We'd be sitting there eating, like, "Yeah, yeah", me and Cliff and Kirk. And his wife is just going off at him: "These fucking greasy bastards "coming in here everyday. They're stinky, they're rude." We're just sitting there, like, "Hi, how's it going?" We had no idea what she was talking about. Like, "Wow, that's an interesting vibe here". Afterwards we were like, "What were they arguing about?" Lars is like, "You don't want to know". OK. Just keep eating.

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Metallica Music Video

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