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[roar] (narrator) The BioDome. A pure self-contained environment... ...where five scientists are about to be sealed off... from every conceivable form of contamination... ...except one. [silly noises] Bud - check out that mall, man. Our dream is finally at hand. What kind of mall is this? Get them out of here! The doors are sealed for one year. We're stuck here . That's right. Twelve months? 52 Weeks? Yes. 385 days? Grrrr! ...Now, the whole world is watching as Bud and Doyle are separated from their loved ones... [scream] [Bud moans] ...learn about endangered species... They're the rarest Lepidoptera in the world. [buzzing] [slurp] [narr]....experience nature... aah. ...firsthand... [scream] ...and become world reknowned... ...protectors of the planet. Purple sticky punch, or hemp, is an excellent source of photo-syn-in-thesis. Just 'cause we're stuck in a bubble, doesn't mean we can't cause any trouble. On three - Three! Aaaaaah. [Music:Do You Wanna Dance?" - Wax] ♪ Do you wanna dance and hold my hand, Tell me baby I'm your lover man ♪ ♪ Oh baby, do you wanna dance ♪ [explosion] ♪ Do you wanna dance, under the moonlight ♪ ♪ Kiss me baby all through the night ♪ ♪ Oh baby, do you wanna dance? ♪ (Bud) Welcome to paradise! ...Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin... (both) Trick or Treat! ...are doing whatever it takes... I feel like a duck-billed platypus. [honks like a goose twice] [giggles] put the mental... ...back in environmental. Well can you at least make it taste like chicken? Otherwise, I'm going to shrimp up like a supermodel. [gasps] I am so fat. Nobody likes me. People didn't like me in high school. ♪ Do you wanna dance and hold my hand ♪ ♪ Iron man, iron man, does whatever an iron can ♪ Hold it. That's Spiderman. Come on. What do you think - you're some rocket scientist? Yes. Sorry. ♪ Do ya, do ya, do ya wanna dance ♪ ♪ Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya wanna dance ♪ ♪ Do ya, wanna dance Do ya, wanna dance♪ [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 26, 2010

Bio-Dome Captioned Trailer

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