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Alex Jones: Pentagon prepares re-education camps for political activists

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May day was a day that has brought hundreds of thousands people worldwide out on the streets, to stand for economic justice. But out of all the re-telling of May day historical roots, one disturbing event has been kept out of the dialogue. And for a good reason. Did you know that on May day in 1971, the army herded 7000 protestors into a stadium turned into prison camp here in the Washington DC? Well, that was back in 1970's, and a lot has changed since then, right? Not exactly. The infamous incident of the US military interfiering in local law enforcement operations leads us to a recently released DoD document called "Internment and Resettlement Operations" The manual outlines policies for processing detainees in internment camps inside and outside of the US, including the re-education of the detainees to ensure their reintegration back into the society. So is this a hyperbolic situation of the worst case scenario? Or does this manual shed a light on what is to come in the US? To help me answer some of these questions, I am joined now by the Alex Jones, host of The Alex Jones Show. Hey Alex! Hi. So, the government writes a lot of memos about hyperbolic situations, that never come to fruition. Why is this one so different? Sure, that is a good question. This is not just a contingency plan. In the 60's, 70's, 80's we had Rex 84 and another plans, but now there has been a massive ratcheting up and billions of dollars a year being spent in a last decade or so, to actually take old military bases under the Civilian Inmate Labor Camp program under the Emergency Centers Estabilishment Act, and to prepare them for "emergencies". But I have been to the drills and noticed that they were training with the rollplayers to put american political dissidents in them. They always tell the media that its for disasters domestically or foreign wars and putting people in camps like Abu Ghraib in Iraq or Camp X-Ray in Cuba, but now more and more documents are coming out, confirming what I already had from sources and my research into this and the 4 films I made in the Police State series starting with Police State 2000 in 1999, where I witnessed marines training to confiscate firearms on the west coast and put Americans, both on the left and right into camps and even segragate them according to their different political persuations. Now we have an army document, that dovetails with HUGE increased spending, hiring tens of thousands of people in the military to specifically be internment camp officers, and I actually had military personnel blow the whistle on this to me in the last year about the hiring of tens of thousands of people and the training camps that they have set up to train the prison guards for these. Talk a little bit about, you know, they are hiring tens of thousands of people and talk a little bit about the PSYOP program within the document and what that really means. I mean, the re-education aspect of this document, should people care about that? Explain a little bit more about that. Hah. Exactly. That's what is sensational about this. They went from saying there are no camps to "Okay, we are building a bunch of them and manning them" and they have other contracts to prepare for private contractors to be ready within 72 hours to fully man the camps that are already built. And in this new document, this is not some contingency plan, this is the manual, and I can give people the number, its FM 3-39.40 and they admit that this is real, to psychologicaly brainwash with loudspeakers, to bring the political dissidents in, who were there because of their political views and to take them into other segragated areas of the camps and it talks about PSYOPing them, conditioning them, with classic 24 hour blaring loudspeakers. And what is crazy is, when I have been to these urban warfare drills, that is what they announce. "Civil disobedience will not be tolerated, your first amendment has been canceled!" And than when I had camera crews at G20 at Pitsburg 2 years ago, they had the police under military training saying the exact same thing, and even attacking students at the college who were not even protesting, we have video of young woman on bicycles, they were saying day-time night-time curfew, stay in your dormitories, beating woman over their head with billy-clubs, just for fun - just to set the precedent, that hey, you don't come out of your door. There was famous footage at the G20 under Pentagon control with the local police and national guard with german sheppards. Old woman coming out of the grocery store with bags, and they are told "you can't be on the street" and its broad daylight, and they released the german sheppards, who began biting the old woman. I mean this is just absolutely off the chart, even the most totalitarian states don't act like this. And the social controllers, the big banks that have taken over this country, and their colaborators in the police and military are openly trying to train the police and military to be attack dogs. And now we have got North Korean style gulags with re-education camp manuals right out of the most totalitarian regimes this world has seen. This really proves.. What does the re-integration even mean? How can they be sure that someone is ready to be re-integrated into the society? It just seems like an interesting concept to explore.. What do you think that means? What would that entail? Well we know what happens in classical re-education camps. They get people within the camps to turn agains those who are picked out to be persecuted, and really its about the mass of people getting into serving the camp guards and being collaborators. Those that are chosen as the political dissidents to be tortured and abused and broken, they are generally kept for decades or put in slave labor, they are never to be released. The real secret of re-education camp under the soviet and under the nazi model, Khmer Rouge model, I mean all systems that have become totalitarian have done this, the real point of this re-education camp scenario is to get the majority to join in on opressing citizens and then some of the best enforcers of the totalitarian system are those, that were actually in the re-education camp. They are finding people, not to break them, but who will enjoy serving the system. That is what these camps are really about. Just like they used Abu Ghraib, but more importantly, they have used Camp X-Ray at the base in Guantanamo bay, to create the new Al-Qaeda, that they use to take over Libya and that they are using to attack Syria. So the truth is, it is actally a training ground to find and create double agent Al-Qaeda, well its the same thing here. These re-education camps are actually factories to create collaborators. Alex I wanted to talk a little bit about the memo where it says it invokes a special restriction on Posse Comitatus Act, but I tought that Bush in the John Warner Authorization Act of 2007 have already suspended the Posse Comitatus Act. I was wondering if you could explain what it exactly means to civilians? Well, I have to say, from all the RT shows I have done that are excelent, you are asking the best questions. It is 300+ pages, it actually states that "well, there is a Posse Comitatus, but the president can suspend that", so for all intents and purposes, its already suspended. Kinda like Congress told Obama "You have to get authorization to launch a war in Libya" and he said "I don't need that anymore." And so they talk about the Posse Comitatus, but only to state its hollow and dead. And yes, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, the NDAA, all of those.. just futher suspend the Posse Comitatus, the 1878 law barring the military being used on the streets of America. Do you think that those measures, Alex, are being set up in anticipation for some sort of global unrest? Domestically? I mean, it just seems that after 9/11 all of these measures have taken place. Why? What is the purpose of ushering them in so quickly? The NDAA, the John Warner, this.. What do you think they are prepairing for? Well, we have seen The Economist magazine, Time magazine, you name it, say "Bank of the World, technocrats, the world will no longer have freedom" They brag Goldman Sachs has conquered Europe, Goldman Sachs has conquered us, by having our politians sign us onto the impossible to pay quadrillion+ derivatives. And so they are getting us ready for a total ingeneered collapse, where those who collapse the society, to reingeneer it, pose as the saviour. And so that's why they have taken old contingency plans, things they have beta-tested back in 70's and 80's, and they have put it on the war footing and just ramped it up 500%. I mean it is just.. It is not just this document, its billions a year now in a public bids for companies to supply the barbwire, the private security, the interigators, I mean its all there, you just have to look at each document and put them together, and it is, it is frightening. It is. It is interesting Alex and it is also worth noting that the government has said that it is not a matter of if, but when there will be a digital terrorist attack, and that could explain the crackdowns on the internet and the fight that we are seeing on that front. That was Alex Jones, host of the Alex Jones Show.

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Department of Defense document has been leaked to the Web that details "Internment and Resettlement Operations." The manual outlines policies for processing detainees in internment camps domestically and abroad and how to "re-educate" unruly activists..

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