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Beth Nicholls talks about UESP

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My name is Beth Nicholls and I am a student in Psychology and Geography. And what I love studying about those subjects together is that I like studying people. And I like to get to know people and just how they relate is a little is a little tricky (laughs) But they're really fun and really interesting and I can see how so many things apply in the real world. I see it all the time on campus and in the news and it's really interesting. My experience with UESP I transferred into UESP during my START session during the summer, actually. Because they, I had an advisor tell me I couldn't take a class and I said, "Well, I wanna take it anyways!" So I switched majors, right there. And my UESP advisor was Kerry Kincanon, who's the head advisor, pretty sure the head advisor for UESP currently, and he asked me what I wanted to study and I told him all the different ideas I wanted to have and and try and he let me go for it. I would say don't listen to what people tell you you should do and try what you want to do what you want to study, because you should really enjoy the subject that you're going to be focusing on for four years or more because it's your time being spent on it, not theirs. I was originally going to be a biology major and that's what I was set on since I was 12 and then I had an advisor tell me I absolutely could not take French and I wanted to study anyways. So I switched to UESP because I wanted to try something new, something out out of the box and that was the best decision I made.

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Posted by: allyd on Jan 30, 2012

Beth Nicholls started as a UESP student after transferring in her START session. Here she speaks about her exploratory experience.

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