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Diaby vs ben arfa

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I have locked the door hihiihihihih I locked it What are you doing abou? Diaby- Your mama! Your mama too! Why are you talking about mothers son of a bitch! I am going to fuck you up, I am seriously going to break you down! Arfa- What is wrong with you? What are you going to do? Diaby- Are you crazy! Come here, you crazy! I am going to you up! Son of a bitch! Why are you calling my dad a son of a bitch? Arfa-Don't say son of a bitch! Leave me the fuck alone! Leave meeeeee!! Arfa- let me take my soccer shoes off! Let me go, come on man leave me alone! Dude, I tell you to leave off me! Open that fucking door! You guys are trying to piss me off! He call me son of a bitch and he says that my dad is a son of a bitch and you are trying to separate us! Come on now! Hey Hatem stop that shit dude! Fuck off man, leave me alone! If I catch you, I swear on the life of my mom! You dare to call my dad a son of a bitch! And you are opening it big now right! Look I am crying but if I catch you I am going to fuck you up! You Hatem chill out too man! Abou, abou..... I tend to get easily ticked off! I don't know it is probably my nature ever since I was a young kid. Sometimes people make jokes but... some people don't mind them but I tend to take it a little more seriously. I don't know why..It is life and that's the way I am! The fight between the two friends will lead to the defeat of the academy, the two stars been absent minded during the game. The coach, caring not about their little bickering will take them out the team, by losing its two best players will not be able to avoid a draw. You are not trying hard enough, you are not moving enough, disorganized! Hatem ain't running, he is waiting for the ball and is losing them all. And in the middle we are just fizzling around..maybe because our forwards are real momies. Keep on going are messing everything up.. It would have been better for us to lose yesterday. At least we would have been at peace today. This is ridiculous..shameful Is that the French school ( Of football)...Is that what you guys represent??

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Posted by: orishasinc on Jan 8, 2010

Good friend fighting when they were younger in the clairefontaine academy!

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