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Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy Trailer 2

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Last week, Kepler Inc.'s defence facility in Birmingham fell victim to yet another terrorist attack perpetrated by the infamous cell known as "Philanthropy". The attack, executed once again without human casualties, lead to the destruction of almost all the company's research material. According to sources, the objective was to destroy the top-secret weapons of mass destruction known as Metal Gears; whose existence was only recently made public as a result of the group's activities. While the political world has almost unanimously condemned these terrorist attacks, the public seems to approve of and even applaud Philanthropy's actions. Today the terrorist group delivered the following message: We live in an age in which the world has endured the threat of annihilation at the hands of nuclear weapons. Governments relied on the theory of mutually assured destruction to deter an all-out nuclear war, but this strategy will inevitably fail. Under no circumstances will we ever stand by while a nation builds Metal Gears, or similar weapons. We shall fight them always, until our annihilation... or theirs. Volk 004, escort. We return to base, from now you're alone. Medved 93, copy that. Course to Daskasan! 40 km of air corridor. Time to go! All right, Snake. It's time. This mission will last longer than any you faced so far. Since this August, Daskasan has turned into a regular warzone. The reason behind this is still unclear. If you succeed, Philanthropy will cease to exist. We would have won our battle, and those threatful weapons would be a thing of the past. Your mission is to find and secure Senator Abraham Bishop. Once he's nailed, the only company left on Earth producing Metal Gears will have no one to hide behind. It is not just war. Something different is happening here. Something on the mouth of many... - That is? - The Fiend of Kalkabar. As ancient prophecy foretells: "The Demon shall watch the world turned to ashes. And from these ashes, shall behold it born a new".

Video Details

Duration: 3 minutes and 32 seconds
Country: Italy
Language: English
License: Public Domain
Genre: Trailer
Producer: Hive Division
Director: Giacomo Talamini
Views: 382
Posted by: hive_division on May 5, 2008

Second trailer of the non-profit fanmovie by Hive Division. Inspired by the games by Hideo Kojima. Philanthropy is by no means a production related to Konami Corporations or Kojima Productions, it's a fan-made project that's meant to be released for free on the Internet.

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