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Who are real Deceivers?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: When we Deceive we Crate Deception - Satan Hi this is (music) Satan! hello yes I am a being in the dimensions I was the 'spawn' of the devil I was created as an image and likeness idea of the devil and I've choose expression of Life and then from an idea I have became an actual manifested being because I have choose to apply forgiveness and express myself as Life so if even an manifested idea within the dimensions is able to realize themselves as who they are I am certain human beings are able to do this because if they're not doing it you are simply less than an idea and that is scary anyway, actually then you are less than your thoughts because thoughts are ideas ok, so I am here to communicate about an interesting concept which is- if you apply deception you create and manifest deception now it's interesting because Satan the devil Lucifer manifested as deception and here Satan communicating about deception because I've been there done that and, I have applied forgiveness and I have express myself as Life and realize myself as a being and no more an idea that is able to be wipe out in one moment so, in terms of my experience- I got caught in my own self deception you know when you prepare a trap for someone else you kind of fall into it - yourself, without realizing it and whoops! down you are on your off, so it's interesting, I've supported before in the dimensions the devil with deception manifesting deception whenever I was able to just doing the opposite or reverse of that which already exist and, in my deceptive nature I manifested deception and it was simple because it was a manifestation of me whatever you are or become you manifest and! you are fucking experience in that as well which is kind of stupid, which I'd say is the law of stupidity you know human beings who tried to deceive other beings which is what I did, you know I've always tried to deceive others because I was deceptive in nature so human beings who have tried to deceive other people and it's always other people! human beings always trying to deceive others well, I did the same thing you are always trying to deceive others because you're not realizing you are actually! deceiving yourself so I went and now I am the manifestation of deception just as many human beings trying to deceive others and then in that they actually manifest deception not only- they think they are deceiving someone else but in true they're deceiving themselves and then they manifested the deception of the nature that they've become and what eventually happens then come someone they fucks it all up and then you realize: Oh my god, here I am experiencing my deception and you excuse me you always form your own trap just like I did look at this world! I assisted in manifesting it, through deception I thought I was deceiving other beings where did it get me? trapped in my own creation of deception now I am responsible sort all these mess out which I assisted with creating just as everyone else, it's interesting if you look at Anu, what do you think he is doing? he think he was deceiving everyone else he was enslaving everyone else within that enslavement manifestation of himself he went and manifested enslavement and now he's currently experiencing his own enslavement so you ????, you always manifest and experience your own deceptive nature why? because it's you whatever you've become, and allowed yourself to do inside here (head) you will manifest and! you will experience that manifestation because it is all you I am deception, therefore I reflect and manifest deception and that manifestation of deception as me, I will walk into and actually experience why? because we've inverted everything within human beings so human being, if you think firstly your though of deceiving someone else is going back ten times reflecting inside you, why? so that human beings can start experiencing and seeing and reflecting them to themselves so nothing is anymore diverted to other beings but that human beings start facing themselves with the inversion! of everything that they're trying to do to others but what is interesting is that I realize it's always been that way so take it from me, I have learned the hard way that by thinking of deceiving someone else, you are actually deceiving yourself and you're going to experience that a thousand fall back have a look at where I am at the moment now, look at this world it is a manifestation of me I am responsible for it as all are responsible for it because everyone has accepted and allowed it in that acceptance and allowance it manifest it exist so, human beings I Satan are stood up and oh! I'm also with the children actually, it's interesting so this, it's just a name becomes a mere reference point a- ok Satan ok I am Satan but I am not- 'Satan' you know I am not the manifestation or definition of the word anymore and this is what human beings will start realizing on earth, is that we are no more the definition to the words as the memories and the definitions that existed here of this world, any longer human beings be careful (smile) if you become self-deception or manifest self-deception and you will! experience the self-deception a thousand fold it's not a warning, it is an oviousness of common sense thank you very much, this is Satan More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Jimmy Hendrix, Steve Irwin, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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