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Evacuated Tube Transportation Technology - ET3 Extended Version

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Most people don't know the answer to this question: When you look up to the sky at night and see trillions of stars, how many of them are from inside our own galaxy and how many of them are from other galaxies? The answer is: All of them are from this galaxy alone. All other galaxies appears but a speck in distant cosmos of space. Nuclear physicist Michio Kaku refers to a classification system for alien civilizations based on a type 0, type 1, type 2 and type 3 graduation scale. Type 3 being the most advanced. This would be a civilization with intergalactic capabilities. This means they have the technology to travel to other galaxies. A type 2 civilization is one that has mastered interstellar space travel. This type can leave their home star and begin colonizing other stars within their own galaxy. A type 1 civilization has mastered interplanetary space travel and control the Earth itself. Type 1 is able to sustain a habitable environment on Earth and in space. Type 1 had switched to clean renewable energy, while type 0 still relies on fossil fuels for energy and transportation. Here on planet Earth we will remain type 0 as long as we rely on hydrocarbon fossil fuels for a way of life. Before I can even begin to talk about all the really cool stuff that would exist in a type 2 or a type 3 civilization, we have to concentrate on how to make the most crucial and difficult step of all. From type 0 to type 1. In physics, every single thing in the universe including people do only two basic things: they move and they interact. Physics is the study of energy and motion. Motion is half of physics, which makes it half of everything that anything physical ever does. Transportation is half of what people do. They go places and the technological capabilities of our transportation systems themselves is half of what defines us on the scale of civilizations. The other half is energy and information capabilities. The internet is a type 1 information system which has a telephone and library built into one. The internet is our first step towards this rather difficult graduation from being a type 0 to being a type 1. And in a galactic neighborhood it means the difference from being a complete zero to actually being someone. Type 0 global transportation systems rely on passenger jets, which use kerosene - a hydrocarbon fuel for energy. A type 1 transportation system is similar to what you have probably seen on Futurama or other depictions of futuristic worlds. A tube based transportation system. Similar to the pneumatic tubes at bank drive-throughs, but different. The type 1 global transportation system can go much, much faster. It is called an 'Evacuated Tube Maglev Transport' or ETT for short. Evacuated Tube Transportation Technology is actually a patented readily engineer-able technology, which is ready to be implemented into our society with current existing off the shelf technologies. Maglev Bullet Trains are already in use in Europe and Asia. These trains go 500 to 600 mph and are only limited to go any faster by the air resistance and sharpness of the turns that they take. However, if you cover the track with a tube and suck out all the air, you get an evacuated tube with no air cause resistance. The next trick is to get the capsule to levitate in the center of the tube. This can easily be achieved via the Meissner effect by which superconductors expel magnetic fields causing them to levitate magnetically. The last final step is to make ultra straight guide ways. Since we are bound by Newton's laws of motion we have to take them into account. Force = mass * acceleration (F = m*a) Which means that we only feel force when there is an acceleration that goes with it. Acceleration is just a change in velocity. So you can only really feel force when there is a change in velocity. When you step on the gas pedal in your car, your velocity increases. This is why the gas pedal is sometimes called the accelerator. When you are traveling in the car going 70 mph, do you feel any different than you do standing still other than the vibrations from the tires on the road? What if you gently apply the brakes and lower your velocity, You may feel a tiny force. But if you slam on the brakes and lower your velocity very quickly, you will feel a much bigger force. This is because there is a larger change in velocity, which equals a larger acceleration, which equals a larger force. You can't feel a velocity. You can only feel a change in velocity. So there is nothing preventing us from traveling 4,000 mph as long as we don't change that velocity too quickly. In fact, spaceship Earth is orbiting the Sun at tens of thousands of mph right now, but due to laws of relativity, we don't notice anything. Turning requires a change in velocity, which is known as centripetal acceleration. If we multiply this acceleration by a mass, we can get a force. The force of gravity is one 'g' of acceleration. A humans can endure one or two 'g' comfortably as long as the direction of acceleration does not change too rapidly up or down. Roller-coasters reach as high as 5 or 6 'g', but not everyone enjoys riding them as much as some. So in order for passengers to ride comfortably on ETT, we need to place this constrain on the forces in our equations to tell us how large our turning radius needs to be based on our velocity. And as long as we make the tube straight enough, we can go as fast as we want trough them traveling safely at thousands of mph, faster than jets ever could. At such an incredibly high speeds we can also increase the frequency of traffic, which equates to an 80 lanes superhighway fitting inside this single tube. The system would be completely automated, so there would be no backups or delays due to accidents or human driving error. Egg factories handle millions of eggs per day, using automated machines, which break far less eggs than human workers would otherwise. Computer automation is what allows Homer Simpson to run the entire Springfield nuclear power plant from a single chair. Of course, he's just a cartoon character, but you can get the idea. 40,000 people die each year from automobile accidents in America. That's a 115 a day. Automated mass transportation systems not only save lives, but they completely eliminate stop lights and traffic jams. Imagine living in warm sunny Los Angeles and commuting daily to New York city with only a 45 minute commute. Imagine ordering Chinese food from China. Imagine two-hour world wide travel on demand at a fraction of the cost of the airline ticket. I can´t even begin to list the benefits this type of transportation system would have on all aspects of human life and interaction, our economy, society and world peace. Just think. An ETT backbone stretching across the US, up through Canada, Alaska, over the Bering Straight down through China, across India, up through Europe and finally to Britain. It would connect all the world's major population centers, free us of addiction on hydrocarbon fuels and could run completely on renewable solar and wind energy built along the infrastructure of the track itself. Wind mills could run vacuum pumps, while superconducting rails could transmit global electric power far more efficiently than high tension wires. There is also the idea of pumping liquid super fluid helium through the tubes to provide superconducting component required to achieve magnetic levitation. This would be easier than pumping liquid nitrogen across superconductors although there is still a great deal debate on how to best engineer the ET3 system. Nanotechnology allows for all sorts of advancements in construction and material science. Ductal concrete is nano engineered concrete which is designed to set without any gaps, air pockets or uneven spaces in the concrete. As a result it is much stronger than regular concrete and can allow for new design implementations based on its incredible strength. Another possible application of ET3 would be the construction of a space ramp, which accelerates capsules and launches them into orbit. Built the ET3 up the side of a mountain like Mt. Everest. This would replace NASA's space shuttle program and the costly archaic and dangerous rocket engines, which are currently used to reach space. ET3 systems could be set up with retrieve and recycle the kinetic energy from objects entering the Earth's atmosphere. Mining asteroids would harvest material and energy, beyond limitations of the diminishing natural resources of our planet. Some people have suggested nominating the internet for a Nobel peace prize since it has done more for world peace than any human being by giving people-like conduit through which friendship and collaborations could be established as never before. ETT would provide the same interconnectedness as the internet by expanding it into the physical realm. Building bridges instead of building walls. What a concept. Imagine not being limited by location or distances. Imagine scientists being able to freely travel to go to work on research projects which are taking place halfway around the world from where they live or study. ETT is comparable to the London underground or the transcontinental railroad. And just like these transportation revolutions of the past it has the potential to lead the world out of the current economic conditions by boldly creating unprecedented environmental, social and economic returns. This brings forth new possibilities for expanding the allocation of prosperity to all people of the world and betterment the self-sustainability and protection of the human race. Don't forget to check out and let me know if you have any other ideas or technologies that could help humanity to progress toward a type 1 civilization.

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AlienScientist — 26 de marzo de 2010 — This video discusses the step from Type 0 to Type 1 Civilization and the ET3. This is an extension of the original video that ads TWO and Half minutes of content to the ET3 video. The other material concerning the Orwell society will be reworked as its own video in order to better explain a wider perspective of the big picture.
The views of AlienScientist do not neccesarily represent the views of ET3.

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