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Halo 3 Criticism on Jesus Died LOL

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-Jesus Died LOL? -Jesus Died LOL? -Jesus Died? -Hey, Jesus Died LOL. -Hey, I'm gonna report you for offensive material in your gamertag. -Jesus Died LOL, I'm gonna report you. -Dude, we gotta get rid of the retard, man. -Okay, I'm a Christian and I take offense to that. -Are you like--- you're fucking retarded. Go to hell. *Laughter* -What's with the name? -Everybody kill that Jew, Jesus Died. -Fuck this shit. You ready to lose, Jesus Died? -That's not funny! What?! Jesus! -Do you believe in Jesus? -Yeah, fuck off, bitch. -He's a douche. -Fuck you, Jesus Died. -Fuck you, Jesus! -Yeah, dude. Your gamertag's pretty cool. -That's not funny. -Kid, just shut the fuck up. -Jesus Died LOL?!!? -Wow, yeah. You're gonna go to hell, dude. -Hey, I think it's cool too. I think it's cool too. -Jesus is not dead. Are you gay? -What I wanna know is why Jesus Died LOL thinks it's "LOL" at the end. -It's more like sad face. -Fuckers. -That's a funny gamertag. -You fucking faggot! -I hate him. -Hey, why don't you shut the fuck up, you pussy? -Queer! -No, actually, he's not dead, you retard. -You're a faggot, aren't you? -That's so funny, dude. -He died because God ate him. -Hola, Jesus Died LOL! -Jesus Died LOL? -Yeah, I'm gonna shoot you, man. You better watch out. Watch your back, dude. -Jesus Died? *Laughs* -Yeah, but he died for you. -Yeah, I said I fucked your mom last night, kid. Get the fuck out of here. -I did too. I did too. -Jesus Died LOL. *Laughs* Holy shit. That's awesome. -Jesus Died LOL?... You're gonna die. -Wait, is that really somebody's name? -Yeah, look at the very last person on the blue. -Jesus did die. -Yo, you motherfucking Jew. Fuck you, you motherfucker. -Why don't you just go suck cock? You're the biggest faggot who would make their name that. If you don't believe in Jesus, make it something else. -So, shut the fuck up and make your name something else. -Fuck you. Fuck you. -Jesus. Jesus is a bitch. -*Laughs stupidly* -No, you're a fucking bitch for saying that, you faggot.

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Posted by: jesusdiedlol on Nov 24, 2009


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