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February: Loop 411 - Tiger, Gays and Food -

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This week on the 411, Tiger, Gays, and Food We start off the show this week with this. Tiger Woods is back. After winning the Farmers Insurance Open for the 7th time, the self-described Cablinasian win signaled that perhaps he is back to his winning ways, with a Torrey Pines victory usually being a harbinger for his annual performance. The six previous times he has won a tourney, he has gone on to win at least 4 other tourneys in the same year. When asked whether the victory meant that he is back and he is ready to climb back into his winning ways, Woods said, "I never left." Speaking of leaving, the ____ is going bankrupt. Michigan governor Rick Snyder has ordered ____ of the city's books as the motor city's budget problems have worsened to the point where it could run out of money within weeks or months that could lead to the largest ever Chapter IX municipal bankruptcy in US history. That is sad. Really. Next up, if you are trying to slim down, eat lunch early Those who eat early lunches tend to lose more weight than those who had their midday meal on the later side according to a new study co-authored by Frank Scheer of Brigham's and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Mr. Scheer opined we should now seriously start to consider the timing of food, not just what we eat but also when we eat. Interesting. Food for thought!!! Next up, speaking of losing weight, a University of Oxford study found that the vegetarian diet can reduce a person's risk of heart disease by 32% compared to a meat and fish eater diet, lowering the risk of hospitalization or death from cardiovascular disease. Vegetarians have lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure to boot. Very interesting! Next up then, for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, leading a double life can affect their physical and mental health. A joint study by McGill University and the University of Montreal found that those who "came out"

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Posted by: theloop on Mar 15, 2013

Stay tuned to learn more about what is popular of this week. Eating more like a vegetarian and eating earlier in the day can help you keep your new year's resolution to eat healthier and lose some weight. You can also live a healthier and happier life by coming out of the closet and letting your loved ones know that you are gay and avoiding San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Chris Culliver.

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