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Charlie St. Cloud (2010)

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♪[Snow Patrol - "Run"] We're cutting inside! Let it out when I say. I'm not strong enough! You're gonna have to be, Sammy. Now! Woo-hoo! (Mom) I pulled an extra shift - you are on Sam duty. I'll make a deal with you - I'll practice with you every day until I leave for Stanford (Sam) You just can't wait, can you? I'm not going to ditch you. That's what Dad said. But I'm not Dad! [crash-thud] Charlie? That's my brother! Sam! [echoing] Charlie? Did you want to drop the glove in now? I can't. [Sam's voice echoing] Charlie? [heavy breathing, crying] [Sam's echoed voice] You're late. I thought we had a deal? We do have a deal. Promise? The St. Cloud kid? Totally certifiable. No, it's okay man. Have another, it's not like there's a big demand for you as a driver. Hey. What are you doing? Just looking at your boat. Sorry if I scared you. You don't scare me. Today's the day we're going to throw a slider. 1-2-3- ♪ You're so far out ♪ Would you please have dinner with me tonight? Are you a good cook? Excellent. Beer or wine? Surprise me. Alright, I will. That girl who's going to sail around the world - you like her. I can tell. You like the sailor girl. (girl) So I'm starting in Boston, and then I'm gonna go... through...the... (girl) I leave in a week. I wish you could come with me. I just can't. Sam! Sam! I can feel you forgetting me. No, Sam. Sam. Why did you bring her? The more I am in your world, the less I can be in his. You should be out in the world living your life. ♪ Even if you cannot hear my voice ♪ ♪ I'll be right here ♪ (girl) Trust your heart, Charlie St. Cloud. [Charlie's echoing voice] We'll always be brothers. [Captions by Captionwire]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jun 28, 2010

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