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Is This Not Enough Evidence?

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It´s truly amazing - the number of conditions that respond favourably to cannabis it heals in any circumstance with any condition. ... We are looking at an unexcelled wonder plant - herbal medicine that has no comparison. ... Cannabis was found in every major materia medica that has ever been written. It was included in the US Pharmacopia from 1854 till 1941. The fahter of modern medicine is a physician named Sir Willam Osler who was prominent around the turn of the 19th and 2Oth century he wrote the first textbook on internal medicine and in that textbook he said that cannabis was the most effective medication for the treatment of migrene headaches. The first modern reaserch that was done on cannabis was done in 1949 and it demonstrated its usefulness in treating epilepsy. I have a number of people who don´t have epilepsy when they use cannabis regularly. ... Cannabis is remarkably well suited for anatomy, physiology even in the event when someone smokes it. Marihuana was widely used in the 19th century for the treatment of astma and in the 1970s we found that marihuana has a bronchodilator effectt. It´s because of the THC in Marihuana. What is the evidence that marihuana smoking, habitual marihuana smoking can lead to lung cancer? With respect to the development of the lung cancer we found no evidence of any increased risk of lung cancer occurence in association with marihuana smoking alone. The THC actually has an anti tumoral effect and studies I´ve done both with experimental animals and with cell culture systems and for different kinds of cancer - for lung cancer breast cancer thyroid cancer prostate cancer glioma (brain cancer) that the development and growth, well the growth actually, of the tumor is supressed by THC and metastases are also supressed There was a study done on AIDS patients by doctor Donald Abraham of UCSF to specificaly determine whether or not the use of cannabis has an adverse effect on AIDS patients and rather than finding that it had an adverse effect he found out that it had a favourable effect and that it counteracted the AIDS wasting syndrom. Cannabis is useful in releaving poeple´s pain people are able to decrease the amount of opiates that they´re taking and in some instances to stop taking opiates entirely for pain control. Antioxidant, antiinflamatory, smooth muscle relaxant it´s also an antispasmodic It´s particulary effective in releaving pain from connective tissue disorders - from arthritis from fibermyalgia from systemic lupus from reflex sympathetic distrophy a whole host of conditions that we don´t really understand very well people seem to get good relief from cannabis. From the medical viewpoint cannabis has no overdose potential. It´s heplful when dealing with the anxiety for people who have Alzheimer´s disease, it´s helpful when dealing with the muscle spasms that are associated with Parkinson´s disease. Cannabis has an unexcelled record in terms of providing safe and effective sleep. We did a little study of people with Crohn´s disease and found that many of them were able to stop using steroids stop using other medications that they had taken for their Crohn´s that they had less diarrhea less abdominal pain. It was a true miracle for them. Here we have a substance which makes you feel better, has no overdose potential, returns you to your cognitive level of functioning. We´ve got 15,000 studies that have been done both basic science and clinical studies that have demonstrated over and over again the medicinal value of cannabis. ... I think there is a very bright future for medical cannabis in this country. transcription by Hugo Fogo

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Experts on medicinal use of Marihuana.

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