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Dell Fully Rugged Notebook

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Hi. I am part of the Dell Legal Team. And this is the Dell Fully Rugged Notebook. Now, in order to legally call this notebook "Rugged" We had to submit it to a series of fairly rigorous design spec tests which you can read more about at Here to conduct these tests is a trained testing technician. -What is it? -The tech is not here. Not here? Well if the technicians aren't here, who's going to conduct the tests? Sir, with all due respect, I can't do product test, ok? I am an attorney. I mean, whose idea was this anyway? It's crazy! -It was my idea. -It was your idea? Crazy good, that’s what I meant to say! Well, you’re going to drop off another Notebook. Wait, drop? Wait, where are you? Oh wow, look at that! Still works! I guess we could just call it a day and that’s it from me! Are you sure there’s not a technician for this? I mean I’m a lawyer …hold on. Legally we should tell you that submitting your Dell Fully Rugged Notebook to a rain test is a bad idea. Wholly functional. Oh hold on... Lawyer cell... Hello? Must we shake it this much? Hahahaha still works! While we do design it to withstand some very tough conditions, Dell’s warranty on the product does not cover any intentional abuse or defects that are a result of extreme conditions. Hello? Hello, you can let me out now. I’m a lawyer. It’s very cold in here. Legally, we cannot tell you to hit the Dell Fully Rugged Notebook with a truck. But... we play the hand we’re dealt... Aaah! The kind of non-standard tests that you see in this video are the kinds of abuse and extreme conditions that Dell will not warrant, including extreme cold... computer’s still working, see I’ve written a fun message on it! And extreme heat. Wallet! Well, I think it’s safe to say that the Dell Fully Rugged Notebook is officially rugged. -Ok, good, I’m done, right? -One more test. -What’s that? -One more test. One more test? What is it? -Cobra pit. -A cobra pit?! Why would anyone operate a computer next to a cobra? Please don’t do that. Ok, please don’t. Alright fine, I’ll do the cobras. But then I’m done, I’m done forever. You’ll keep me safe, won’t you Notebook? Dell is not authorised to tell you that the Dell Fully Rugged Notebook will withstand the following: A kick from a horse, gorilla tossing, being launched into space, Thor’s hammer, space lasers and time travel.

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Dell Fully Rugged Notebook

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