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Zeus at Major (MLG) Part 2 Walking on Columbus (ENG SOON)

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What's up We're hanging out in the center of Columbus Very windy Sorry for "WHOOOOSH" The guys are right there Trying to break the ATM Give me your money bitch Where the fuck are our money Pretty much what's going on Everything is great In a couple of hours we have a serious meeting It's a pre-tournament conference from MLG Also with Valve But before that we decided to walk around INAUDIBLE This is seriously windy I thought it would be warmer here But as it turned out Ceh9 give money Look at this stack of money Gotta get me some hoes Party hard Sitting on the green boys On the green Going to go party now Let's go Tournament is tomorrow, today we chill Edward: As "someone" would say: "Fuck you America" Sasha Kol? Did he say that? Edward: When he first went to Kiev Edward: He came out from the train and was like "Spit, Kiev, Fuck you!" Edward:He's a very educated man I'm going to record you bitch do you understand that? You can hear everything I have a microphone in my anal Everything is fine Seriously, the wind is hardcore I'm asking you why the fuck is it so windy Danger This is some shit "WHOOSH" "LOTS OF WHOOSH" Sounds like a rifle, run! It's a shoot out! Knowledge of universe, wisdom Did you see that video? "Quoting a youtube video" It's a strong video "More quoting a video" Ugin: You saw that video too? Smells nice Ceh9: Who's Columbus voting for, Trump? I know 3 more states voted for Trump Ceh9:Trump has AIDS Ceh9: In his mouth What the fuck is going on in here Tornado is coming Hang in there guys

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Mar 29, 2016

Zeus at Major (MLG) Part 2 Walking on Columbus (ENG SOON)

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