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Street interview 1-Linda

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(Hi, I'm Ann and this is Emma) (We come from... Uhm, we are student from Soochow University.) (and you're name is ?) (Nice to meet you, Linda.) (And... our topic is about traveling) (so we have some simple questions about this.) Okay. (The first question is, do you like travel?) Yes, I loved to travel. (Where have you been?) Well, I have been to Shanghi, Beijing, Japan... Um... Bali, Paris in France. and I live in the United States, so I have traveled all over the United States, too. (Why do you come to here... Taiwan?) I came to Taiwan because my husband works here, yes. (So.. Only you and your husband live in here?) Yes, just my husband and I live here, my children still live back in the States. (Um, how long have you been here?) I've been here.. 18 months. ( Oh.. around 2 years) A year and a half, yes, so far. (Do you like here?) Yes, I do. (Are there any big difference between the country you like,) (like France or the United States? ) (any big difference?) Big difference? Oh, lots of difference. In States, We don't have lots of scooters! (Laughing) and crazy drivers, too! (That's true!) Um... just very different. As far as how the country looks. and the language. That is, the probably, the hardest for me. (Um, yeah.. where did you live in the United States?) in Chicago. (Have you made any good friend during the trip?) (during your trip, any good friends?) Any good friend? Um.. well, in here, yes, many friends From all over the world, all over the world. (How did you meet them?) I met them through the community center. I met them through the... um.. (the church, maybe?) Umm, I don't go the church (laugh) I do in home back but not in here, Um.. I met them through the gyms. Or I go to... also playing tennis. (Oh, so you play tennis?) Yeah, and biking. (Biking?) Yes, bicycle! (Great!) (Um... have you learned anything from those travel experience?) (, you travel alone and had learned?) The experiences I have gotten from those ? Humm, yes I...humm Some countries that I am not, They are okay to go Not that I've been there one time, I don't feel I need to go there again (like where ?) Well oh that I forgot to tell you I have been to Tailand, Bangkok (Ooh) Yes, I don't like Bangkok (Why?) It's okay, it's okay Good massages, good shopping. But hum...felling dirty (Really ?) I think dirty Some people love it , some people don't I'm...not ( too dirty?) I feel yeah, yeah The people don't keep it clean Maybe...I don't know That's just my private opinion (Have you been to other coutries, like Malaysia or Singapore?) Just Bali, I haven't been to Singapore. (Singapore is very clean) Yeah. (According to your travel experiences,which country you will recommend to us?) I'm sorry? (According to your travel experiences,which country you will recommend to us?) Recommend to you? hum yeah,okay. Hum... have you been to Shanghi? (No) No? It's very nice, big city. Bigger city than Taipei. Hum.... (Is it clean or...?) Hum.... Hum...kind the same, pretty much same. But they speak your language, so you be okay. (Yeah) But I don't speak....., so hum (They don't speak English?) Not everybody, and not everybody here either. Well they say they did Hum...yes Yeah, Shanghai, It's not too far away and it's easy to go to (Yeah, it takes about two hours from here) Yes,yes (How about France?) (When you went to France, have you go to other cities around there?) Other cities in Europe? No, just Paris. (How do you think about Taiwan when you came here?) How do I think of Taiwan at first? First time.... I have never been to Asia. And ,so it's all new experiences for me I wasn't sure what to expect. But after come ,I've gone to Shanghi then came to Taiwan And...the things that I noticed most Is the people in Taiwan were much nicer Yeah. (Why?) I don't know Well, people in Shanghi...Shanghi is a big and nice city But the people are...not No more... (cold?) cold, yes. But here, everyone, very nice Beautiful...beautiful people. Very nice people. (Thank you)

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Street interview 1-Linda

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