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Those who claim to be Salafi

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One of the brothers said to me why don't you respond to so and so I'm not in the habit of responding to people specifically This person was attacking me in Kuwait One of the brothers wrote a nice message that why don't you respond so i did in private on twitter so as not to show enmity between me and this person I said I don't like to respond to individuals but will speak about the ideology I wanted an academic discussion showing the link between this ideology and the Murjiah He took this private message and went to his Sheikh and said: "Look what he said about you". I didn't criticize him in the first place I was speaking about the ideology. He organized a lecture and said: "look what Nabeel Al-Awwadhi has said about me". now what does this have to do with the topic in the first place? Lets go the the begging, what is this group, and why did it appear in the first place? Are they really Salafieen? Do they really belong to true Salafiyyaah? Or do they follow it at times and not at others. I will mention their characteristics if you permit, all 10 of them insha'Allaah. They accuse most groups of being khawarij If you differ with them, then you are khariji. If they get annoyed with you, you are from the Khawarij. If you criticize any ruler even if he permits in parliament you become from the Khawarij If you go on a demonstration you are from the khawarij If you mention an opinion different to theirs, you are from the Khawarij. The problem with these people is, I dont know if they have studied or not who the Khawarij are in the first place. The matter of the Khawarij is to do with principles of Aqeedah and their understanding of Imaan. Imaan with the Khawarij is one, it is not broken down into parts. It either comes completely or goes completely. That is why they say the one who commits adultery has disbelieved. **No they mean going against the leader (Guardian of affairs)** This is what is strange, going against the leader isn't connected with the beliefs of the Khawarij. A man can go against the leader and still not be from the Khawarij. **They say that all of these things are types of Fitnaa** Fitnaa is a separate matter lets leave that for now and talk about the Khawarij Is everyone that goes against the ruler from the Khawarij? This is the problem it seems as if they don't understand what Khawarij means and what their beliefs are. This is the first point they have to first learn the correct Aqeedah. **The difference in Aqeedah of the Khawarij and those that did some actions similar to theirs** With this understanding some of the Sahaaba become from the Khawarij Some of the Tabi'een become from the Khawarij Sa'id ibn Jubair becomes from the Khawarij Abdullaah ibn zubair becomes from the Khawarij Many of the imams become from the Khawarij **Wait lets speak about Aqeedah. Those that strengthen and defend it are you accusing them of deficiencies in their Aqeedah?**

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Sheikh Nabeel alawadi explains some of the characteristics of those who claim to be calling to ad-Dawaah as-Salafiyaah, but are instead causing fitnah and in which issues they have erred.

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