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The future soldier

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(Host) Since the beginning of time the concept of the infantry soldier pretty much hasn't changed. He's issued a weapon, armor. If he's lucky, he gets a helmet. While the concept hasn't changed, it has evolved. Meet land warrior. It puts state-of-the-art technology right onto the soldier's body. Pushes his formidable fighting capability to another level. Land-warrior is a network computerized system worn by the soldier. Vital battlefield data is continuously transmitted straight to where it matters, keeping him one step ahead of the enemy. Imagine the scenario: you're deep in hostile territory how do you know what is going on around the next corner? The mission: you're hunting for a terrorist. How do you keep track of his every move? and get him before he gets you? This is where land-warrior has the answer. It links each soldier together. At the flick of a switch they can talk to each other, they can share pictures. They can all see the same things, at the same time. No matter where they are. Land-warrior tells a soldier where he is, where his buddies are, what the missions is, and most importantly-- where exactly the enemy is. The key components of this system are a radio link, a helmet display, GPS nagivation, and a computer. - The basic plate of the land-warrior system is comprised of four components. Starting on this side, you got the computer. Performs all the capabilities that your current laptop does. Ok, moving up here, we've got the radio, you've got the battery. And then moving down to the last component-- you've got the navigation sub-system. To allow... the soldier can send out an accurate position report to the network. (rock music) Land-warrior is helping to remove the fog of war on today's urban front line. To be effective, the soldier needs all the help he can get. (guns firing) As land-warrior feeds all the battle data into the soldier's helmet, he's got all the intel. he needs to make the right decision. First up, the soldier can see satellite pictures and maps that are projected onto the screen in front of his eye. What you are watching right now is exactly what the soldier sees. This heads-up display can show the position of friendly forces and highlight the enemy. - The helmet sub-system attaches to the soldiers combat helmet. In here, this looks exactly the same as if you were looking at a 17 inch monitor. On there, you can have multiple options of either looking at your map, or you can look at the weapon site, so the video feed from the weapon actually comes up into here. And then, you can also do various text messaging functions that we have in the system. Land-warrior is all about empowering the soldier. It makes him more lethal and harder to beat. So, that's why the soldier is given improved vision through a special scope on his rifle. It's linked to his eye-piece. He can magnify the target. This means he can engage the enemy, without ever stepping into the line of fire. The sight, along with the rifle and helmet become an extension of the soldier's eyes and ears. -When you're talking about reduced exposure, you're actually talking about being able to see around a corner without having to expose myself? -Correct. -I wanted to, say, look around a corner I could actually get myself out like this and take a look, where only the weapon is exposed. -Right. -And worst case scenario, i can see inside my optics, I can actually take a shot, if had to. -Right. -And there's also a reconnaissance element, isn't there? -Yes, with the ability to, you know, capture images and send them back to commanders we like to say that every soldier is a sensor.

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