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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~06:58:48 - 07:15:48

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Lady: Satya! Satya Here! here! Muttu:Hey give me some water i'm really parched talking talking Give give.. let it be.I'll sell a couple of your postcards, now i'm really thirsty Hey how much is each postcards? 50 rupees... go kill yourself! Excuse me? Somebody wants postcards? Lady: Ah no thank you. Muttu: Just have a look? ok.. Thank you very much. You guys? You want some? I make it cheaper if you want?Thanks a lot. From? From? Aaah! London. Hampie, Big temple. This not Hampie This is Hampie also. People work at the plantaion, their boy is working in the streets Snake charmer from Rajasthan. Dancing people as well. The holy Cow in front of the house. Happy children as well from Rajasthan Holy man next to the temple Sadu! He doesn't have children or families, he lives alone. Lady smoking. Old bus, old truck, from Kerala. Once over here, we celeberated the cow festival. The people in Tamil Nadu celebrate the exact same festival. There balloons and everything, they paint the horns. This is the 'Stone Chariot' it's been made from a single stone. It's at the Vittala Temple when you walk 1.5km from here. It is very beautiful. It's really amazing. Just down this direction, just 2 km. It has very beautiful stone carvings. happy children... This is also Hampie This is the hill just behind the temple. So they've taken a picture of it. Climbing the big tree... this is the Sadu people He is also a Sadu This is Indian food, this is Idly, Dosa... Idly, Dosa, Papadam and Rice and Sambar People taking water form the small canal to their houses. I think.. Rajasthan Gypsies.. Lanbani people. Man: These are Gypsies? Muttu: Yes Lambanis This is Kajarau. This temple is in the North Man: It's here? Muttu: No it's in the North. Kajarau Lambanis as well... Dancing girls they dance, Indian culture.. Mahathma Gandhi.... Sadu, with 'Trishule' 'Sadu' mean one has no children, families,who lives alone, like him... you saw the guy down there? He lives alone, in the temples, in the caves, lives by himself, He wakes up everyday to the sunrise to do meditation and they smoke Chellam and they drink 'Chai', and they eat two 'Chapatis' in the day time. That's it. They spend the day. They don't want guests, more than others these 'Sadu's' like smoking.So that's what a Sadu means. This is also Hampie. North of the river, this picture This is the old bridge, here also there is one river But now there is no water, in August there will be water covering half of the bridge. A beach from Goa Candilum Beach another Sadu This is the stone carving, but an older picture but now the archiological society have been cleaning this and they've rebuilt one of the walls as well.. here Because in 1565 there was a war against the Muslim kingdom. Where the wall was broken...the archeological society rebuilt it. Old woman in front of the temple is selling coconuts... for praying. This is godess 'Kali', reincarnation of Parvathi, when she gets agressive she looks like this.. She is good to the good people and very bad to the bad people. This one is just behind this temple.This is the beginning of the climb. When they begin the climb they take rest over here fro 2 minutes And in the afternoon when it is too hot no... So when you stand up inside this building it feels like there is a cold wind like and air conditions, natural People for the plantaion carrying bananas.. This is Hampie... In in Hampie because of the water we can get very easily, a lot of banana plantations and coconut trees We can't a lot of sugarcane, only around 10-15kms from here we can grow sugarcane. This is the Lotus Mahal This has two designs. One has Arabic design and a Muslim design. The Lotus Mahal temple, is just down there... See the towers? Towers... small small towers... Just next to the tower is the Lotus Mahal When there is day light you can see very easily, now the light since it is like this so you cannot see.. This one Mahabalipuram, they call Botter Bal. For this town. Snake charmer Banana market.. This is from Kerala... Flowers market... Big temple, this they painted, it was made 10 years ago.. Banana and coconut, chilly fry... Yeah they made Chilly fry Not in goa this is in Hampie, Home, meditation, this one is from Kerala, with the back water and boats and coconuts... You were there? It is very beautiful eh? Sadu.. Hampie picture, from the river that comes through they wash laundry Gypsies with their families.... River named the 'Tungabadra' This is the river... and this is called 'Purandaradasara Mantapa' this is beside the river uh.. because they wear these kind of clothes...all the other people as you see wear different kind of clothes the gypsies wear these kind of clothes and live in parts near the jungles in the olden days but now are living more in the cities so that is why they are called gypsies and they wear different things as well, not much of gold, more other kinds of metal jewellery and clips different kind of clips in their hair.. Yes.. they have their own religion for their caste This is a sculptor carving... Snake charmer This picture... is this one.. not sunset.. it looks like sunrise, it is sunrise because the light is like this. These are the columns from which comes music. in the 15th century they made columns by tapping which it gave a musical sounds which works even today Many tourists go and touch them, they are very very thin now.. only this much in size before it was this much in size.. This is the stone carved by on of the men. Just here.. 2 km I told you.. When you get down we are going the same way.. me and Satya my friend This is the 'Elephant Stable' , 11 doors like this olden days the elephants use to live inside From this temple they remove the elephants to the market when they're celebrating the festival. The elephants were living here. Shiva... He is a Sadu.. they always smoke with the Chilong Pipe... This is called 'Pushkarni'-Water tank down there Radha and Krishna... This is a temple.. on its right side there is a boat like this.. round boat This has been there from the last..2 years ago when this picture was taken. Now they use a steamer boat. Holy cow The market and it's big tower Big temple... 'Muradeshwara' These are the music columns... From it come music.. you can the pillars are untouched with out any dark marks... but now they have dark pathces. In the middle of the pillar... it seems like it will break soon... this one big piece of pillar like this, and this is the balance.. here They've made a balance for each pillar to creat music. It's natural. there is nothing inside the stone. There is nothing inside... no they do not fix any kind of metal... nothing... it's natural if you touch the pillar it makes music. That is why Hampie has become an Old Heritage place.

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Posted by: globallivesindia on May 30, 2009

Satya takes photographs at the sunrise point. Muttu interacts with new tourists and tries selling postcards.

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