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AARP National Event Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunities1

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[♪ music ♪] [AARP: Real Possibilities] [National Events] [male announcer] AARP's National Events offer an unparalleled opportunity to put the reputation, reach, and influence [Nearly 90 million adults] of AARP to work for your company. [who are 50+ in America today] Joining AARP as a sponsor [44% are retired] of one of our National Events is the perfect opportunity to promote your products, [Spend $2.7 trillion] showcase your services, share your message, [on consumer goods and services] and enhance your visibility [Average net worth is $614,424] among affluent, influential decision makers over age 50, including Baby Boomers and the up-and-coming Generation X. [18% have income greater than $100,000] It's your chance to speak directly [Fastest-growing segment on social media] to one of the fastest-growing market segments. And it's a great way for our members [Features twice as many entrepreneurs] to learn about the products and services [as those under age 25] that matter to them and their lifestyle. [as those under age 25] AARP National Events also provide the opportunity to nurture relationships at the highest levels of one of the most trusted, well-respected, nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations in the country. You'll have the chance to connect with the AARP executive team, our AARP Ambassadors, celebrities, dignitaries, and special guests. Each AARP National Event offers offers three action-packed days of information, education, interaction, and fun, featuring world-renowned celebrities, entertainers, and speakers. Your participation in an AARP National Event means real possibilities for your company. See what our sponsors are saying about their participation in an AARP National Event. [AARP: Real Possibilities] [National Events] [Terry Clark] We have a 17-year relationship with AARP, which has just been a tremendous journey through that. And one of the things we've really found is that it goes so much more than putting a logo on a product or anything. It really is an entrenched relationship that focuses on how we can understand this audience better, and how AARP and their leadership can help us get there. [Robert Kraph] The AARP [email protected] Conference is so important to us, because we have an exclusive partnership with AARP. And being here on the floor with all the members, and engaging, and telling them about the great benefits we provide them is really powerful. [Mike Ceprano] We're proud. This is our 4th year in a row we're a Silver sponsor of the AARP show. So we sponsor the tech stage. This year we’re actually sponsoring the TEK workshop, so that’s almost 400 tablets at a time. [John Reid] To have the opportunity to have a booth and display what you do across a group of members, and probably going to be 10,000 or so members that come though over the course of the next three days, so to be able to talk to them directly, understand their needs, and have some dialogue with them about what they're looking for is really an invaluable opportunity. [Joe Stabnick] AARP has a tremendous brand, and our association in working with AARP gives us an immediate in as we're talking to people over the age of fifty, whether they're members or not. It’s like having the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval." [Hilary Hahn] You can’t say enough about the opportunity that exists by being part of this, both with the senior level leadership from their CEO, CIO, through the ranks at AARP. Some of the other exhibitors here and their commitments, we're talking about partnerships with them, and you kind of have a place where you're all sitting at the same time, so you can maximize your investment that way. [Christine McNicholas] I think it’s been a great opportunity for us as a company and as a partner of AARP to participate. It’s been great exposure for us, and I think just listening to what the members have to say, it gives us a touch point for what’s going on, and what’s happening, and what people are focused on. [Brian Hepner] It’s very little about the actual number of sales. Certainly we welcome that, and welcome any new customer into Consumer Cellular, but honestly, this is a nice brand-building and awareness for us. It gives us the opportunity to talk one-on-one with new and current customers. [Brandon Moser] Just the interaction with our senior audience. The B-to-B side is great. There's a lot of vendors here that I have conversations with, and over the last three years, there have been vendors who have come over, and now we're partners. We do other events throughout the year, and they're great events, but we don't get the mileage, we don't get the exposure that we do at AARP, and that's why we make sure that every year, we go to those events. [announcer] Put the power of AARP to work for you. Sponsor an exhibit at an upcoming AARP National Event. [AARP: Real Possibilities] [National Events]

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AARP National Events offer the unparalleled opportunity to put the reputation, reach and influence of AARP to work for your company allowing you to romote your products, showcase your services and enhance your visibility with the 50-plus community.

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