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Robert Kiyosaki Serie

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Get a Job And the next sacred cow is: Get a Job, or go to school and get a job. Now, the problem with getting a job is, who do you think pays the most taxes?. The owner of the business or the worker? To that, I'll turn to my accountant here, Tom Well, it's clearly, the employees paying the most taxes. And, you know, I started as an employee, right out school, and I was paying high taxes. Even though, my job is to reduce taxes, I was paying high taxes. And then I started.....-ironic, isn't it?-... And then, about 15 years ago, I started my own business... I start my own CPA firm, and I was now self-employed and I was even paying more taxes!!! So, wasn't until I started acting like a bigger business and was really a significant size business, that I start paying less taxes. Because it's the business owners, it's the entrepreneurs, and it's the investors -the active investors- that really pay the least amount of taxes. TIME OUT!!! During this program, you'll hear a lot about the "E", "S", "B" and "I", also known as the CASHFLOW QUADRANT® "E" stands for Employee. Employees have a job. "S" stands for Self-employed, Small business or Specialist, like a doctor or lawyer. These people own a job. "B" stands for Big business. 500 employees or more. and these people have other people working for them. and "I" stands for an Investor. And Investors have their money work for them. Now, my poor dad always said to me: "Go to school and get a job". He wanted me become an employee or an specialist, like a doctor or a lawyer. My rich dad said: "if you want to be rich, you have to be at the business owner or the "I" side. And that's the difference between my rich dad and my poor dad. If you look at the Cashflow Quadrant® here: the "E", "S", "B" and "I". The people that go to school are in the "E" and "S" side. The "S" stands for specialist, like a doctor or a lawyer, and E's are employees. But doctors and lawyers, pay the highest taxes, right? By far. It's "S" people that are self-employed. Because, not only, are they paying the highest income taxes; they are also, get "the priviledge" of being social security taxed and medical taxed on everything they are. So, they're paying extra taxes, just to be in that "S" quadrant. Right. So, when you go to school, got this academic and professional. You go to school, and my mother may wanted me to be a doctor, If I had followed that footsteps, I'd be paying the highest tax possible, and then, they (doctors and lawyers) they make a lot of money, but they pay the highest percentage for taxes. So that's why they released back to go to school. That's right. And they, actually, have the fewest options of reducing their taxes The tax laws are really geared towards those people who are creating jobs. You know, those are the entrepreneurs. Those people who are creating housing and building real estate. Because, that's, the government understands, that's what we need, we want the private sector to do that, so we rewarded for doing what the government wants us to do. Naturally not all the tax laws... it's a system of rewards, for people doing what the government wants you to do. Plus, the other part of it, too, is this whole idea of getting a job, there's some kind of myth out there, that goes with who gets a job, get a safe secured job and so, by getting a job, somehow your going to be taken care of, for the rest of your life; and all you have to do is pick up any paper and see how many tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs. There are no safe secured jobs, and now we're competing with India and Asia for jobs that were sacred to America -at one point in time- So, this whole idea of having a job that was secured, is, probably, the most insecured thing you can be doing, right now!!! The idea of a secure job, is an Industrial Age idea. The only option that is put into your head is: "Go and Get a Job" and I wasn't around entrepreneurs, I wasn't around business owners growing up, I was around employees. When I, first started my company, 15 years ago, I went back to my class reunion which is always an interesting thing and I remembered saying,"yeah I started a company about 5 years ago", and looked at me like "ohh", some of them even say it, "you're still brave" and I'm thinking, I had this company for 5 years now, that's the longest I've ever worked anywhere!!! You see, without Financial Education, you have to get a job, which is tragic today!! some people losing their jobs, they go back to school to get another job, but they're now competing with their kids. That's insanity!!! So, when I say jobs are bad, would you say entrepreneurs, our job, is to create jobs. The government doesn't really create jobs, they need more entrepreneurs. I don't even know there was another option, growing up I didn't know there was another option, I didn't know. I thought all you can do was get a job. So, again, is not right or wrong to be an employee, but I'd like to know what my options are Right. Because, when you were in school, did they say go to school, get your diploma, and see if you become an entrepreneur? I mean, you'll never hear that!!, in the school system. No. They say work your way up the ladder, get the bigger paycheck, get a better job higher pay But your right, JOB is the only option that you hear in school as a rule. And JOB stands for: Just Over Broke To me, the real issue with the job: is the highest risk profession you can have Because you only have 1 client!!! (your Boss) When I started my business, 15 years ago, after being fired from a job!! And what I recognized was, that I had no control of my life because I have 1 client, that was my employer Whereas now, now I have hundreds of thousands of clients. One client fires me, and it's not the end of the world. Now my risk has gone down considerably almost to nothing. Where, when you have a job, it's just a high risk play. The other thing is, you're in complete control -that's the piece I like- I like being able..... if I lose a client... - You're an entrepreneur, because nobody would hire you You know, I want to feel free to lose some business or you do lose some business But you can go out and generate business and fill that gap. Financial Security is more important than Job Security!! TIME OUT!! E's an S's get punished for making mistakes or they lose their job!!! B's an I's get richer from the mistakes, because they learn from their mistakes!!!

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Robert Kiyosaki nos comparte una serie de 8 videos, en donde ataca directamente los mitos más arraigados ("vacas sagradas") alrededor del dinero y las ideas populares acerca de las finanzas. Videos muy reveladores que cambiaran tu perspectiva y de seguro tus ideas acerca del dinero y las finanzas Mayor información: [email protected]

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