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Oh, Hi everyone before going to bed I decided to record this lesson. I'm going to talk about the TH sound You might know that there are 2 different pronunciations of the th sound One is voiced, and the other one is unvoiced I’ll explain these words in a minute. I mean voiced and unvoiced! Let’s start with the voiced TH sound /ð/ You can see the phonetic symbol for the voiced TH sound in the transcript A good example for the voiced th sound is the word THAT /ðæt/, THAT /ðæt/ OK. The pronunciation of the voiced TH sound is similar to pronunciation of - ذ - in Arabic. OK. To create this sound you put your tongue between your teeth, like this and try to say ZZZZ So the sound is going to be like... TH. TH. This OK. Do not say DAT DIS, no these are not correct. You should say this that. just put the tip your tongue between your teeth Why it is called voiced Put your fingers here and say the th sound you should feel a vibration. That’s why it is called voiced. You will see in the unvoiced th you won’t feel a vibration. That’s why the other one is called the unvoiced TH sound. OK. Now let’s talk about the unvoiced TH sound /θ/ The key word that you can remember is THANK /θæŋk/ YOU. THANK YOU. This sound is similar to (ث) in Arabic. To make this sound put your tongue between your teeth the same way that you did for the voiced th sound, but this time try to say SSSSS. SSSSSSS It's gonna be liek th... TH OK. And if you put your fingers here you're not gonna feel a vibration. and that’s why it’s called unvoiced. Now let’s practice. Here are some words with the voiced TH sound: That /ðæt/ This /ðɪs/  Those /ðoʊz/ They /ðeɪ/ Thus /ðʌs/ Father /ˈfɑː.ðɚ/ Mother /ˈmʌð.ɚ/ Brother /ˈbrʌð.ɚ/ Weather /ˈweð.ɚ/ Together /təˈɡeð.ɚ/ Breathe /briːð/ OK. Now some examples for the unvoiced TH sound: Thank you /ˈθæŋk ˌjuː/  Think /θɪŋk/ Teeth /tiːθ/ Breath /breθ/ (yanı nəfəs) Math /mæθ/ (riyaziyyat) Thin /θɪn/ (Arıx) Thief /θiːf/ (oğru) Theater /ˈθiː.ə.t̬ɚ/ (sinəma) Truth /truːθ/ (yanı həqiqət) Wealthy /ˈwel.θi/ (yanı dövlətdi) Birthday. It's birthday. Birthday OK. One more thing. You can use another mouth position to pronounce these sounds. Instead of putting your tongue between your teeth you can just touch the back of your upper front teeth with the tip of your tongue. Like, teeth, teeth. Try both methods and use the one that you are comfortable with. That's all for today. Thanks for watching. Bye bye.

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