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Silvia Garcia - Las importancia de las relaciones interpersonales

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Even loose and anecdotal Silvia GarcĂ­a - Founder of Happiest Places to Work relationships matter, they also provide something for our happiness. Why does it happen? Is it curiosity? No. It's vital to us as a species. We are designed to look for it, in order to be more happy in connection with others; it's like this because we have survived as a species due to our social relationships. Millions of years ago we shared the Earth with the Neanderthals, and it was us, Homo sapiens, that ended up surviving and dominating the Earth. Today we could say we're also sharing domains with Covid, but we are going to defeat it. So, what happened to the Neanderthals? The Oxford University has found out that Neanderthals skulls were bigger than ours, thus, they had a larger brain than us. So, the idea of us having the best or largest brain gets a little shaken. In the animal kingdom, the elephants have the largest brains. Some will say: "Right, that's because of the brain - body ratio". Birds have the highest brain - body ratio. Most of them. It's not that. Because, we didn't even beat the Neanderthals in brain size. What has found out the Oxford University? Neanderthals had the neural circuits, in their brains, preset to survive individually, to be the fastest, to see better, to have a more acute perception on their senses compared to ours, to be stronger, to run more. We are not the strongest species. We don't even have the largest brain, but it is preset to make us look for human connections, ones that bring us happiness, in order to find solutions and help each other out, as a group. And this is how we pull through. Therefore, social relationships now will be the key to come out of all this.

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Posted by: wobi on May 5, 2021

Silvia Garcia - Las importancia de las relaciones interpersonales

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