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ホストファミリー体験談②~ホストファミリーの魅力と留学生の声~ / The host family experience at Kwansei Gakuin University! (English subtitles)

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Marcello (from Italy) and his host family, the Iwasas Q: Why did you choose to do a homestay? Marcello came from Italy, and he's studying Japanese, but since it's a once-a-week class, usually we converse in English or Italian. It's a good fit, because my husband and I both love Italy, and we'd lived in Italy before. Each day, as Marcello stayed with us, we'd try to recall our Italian. The time we've had together has been very special. Q: Have you had any trouble as Marcello's host family? This time, we haven't had any trouble at all. In particular, our youngest son and Marcello have spent so much time playing over the summer, actually, we're concerned about what happens when Marcello goes home... That's all we're worried about. Q: What do you and Marcello do? - Stuff like going to the pool and playing catch. Q: Tell us about your host family. Q: What was good about being Marcello's host family? We have kids, so they think, "Oh, my host brothers and sisters came to Japan from overseas. When we grow up, that's the sort of thing we want to do." I think that's what our kids have been able to experience. Q: What does hosting international students mean to your family? For me, it's like having giant children. Of the students we've hosted up to now, we're still connected with quite a few of them. For our kids, it's been invaluable for them to have a growing number of 'brothers' and 'sisters.' For Maru-chan, he might look after our kids someday, and when he has children and a family of his own, I'm sure we'll meet again. That’s how close our relationship is. Please give your host family a message.

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