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I guazzoresi

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I can speak a bit about it...I can say battles here, in this zone, there weren't any There was only the passage of German tanks going south battles... there weren't any here there was only a movement around 1944 of the anti-fascist partisans But here we had an airfield where there were Italian airplanes, not German, Italian that was a temporary airfield where they put jets in the trees to be hidden so the only things of the war here were those German tanks and the Italian airfield so at the end of the war their were groups of partisans who fought against the Germans Ok... so when were you born? me? January 6th, 1930. I am over 89 years old Personally, what was your experience with the war? Because you didn't fight Me? No. I was only 14 years old so, I mostly remember the passage of the American planes planes that came to bomb Torino and such or... the small planes that came to bomb the bridges in order to block the movement of German troops The Americans bombed the italian bridges with small planes Was there German occupation of Guazzora before the Americans came? No, there were only tanks between the houses So that they could be hidden But the Germans didn't live here? No, no, no. Here they stayed only temporarily But, the American planes which bombed the bridges etc. messed with the locals. When they saw the people in the street and the horses, they flew by. So it was also frightening for the people of the town So... what did the people of the town think of the Americans? Positive or negative emotions? In the first part of the war-1942-43- the Italians had Mussolini But when things changed, the Italians awaited the Americans. In fact in line with this idea, groups of Italian partisans formed to fight against the movement of the Germans. against the Germans There were in fact two phases of the war. One favorable phase and another not favorable. when they formed these groups In fact, they did not fight the Germans down here, but up in the hills. Generally, what were the feelings surrounding fascism in 1944 and after the war? They were not good, because after the war their was great hunger in the cities Not here, because this is an agricultural area we raised animals and grain and all the things that feed the population The famine was in the cities Did you know Italians in Guazzora that fought? Your family members? No. We had many casualties during the First World War In the Second, some Fascists died, for example in Africa. There was a captain here... named Megardi that died He died as a Captain in Africa... in the east Not in the west, in the east Because the west, in Africa, was Libya etc. The east, the east was Somalia, Egypt And the thoughts of the Guazzoresi and Italians of this region and Africa? During and after the war what were the thoughts about this part of the war? We were always in favor of the Americans We were always happy that we came under the power of the Americans Because the other states under the power of Russia underwent famine and suffering We and the Americans are like brothers. I also have relatives in America Relatives that Pedrito knew The famous "Dan" do you know him? In what part of America? Always New York. He had a pharmacy there... my uncle He and his wife had a pharmacy and two kids who studied pharmacy. They lost the pharmacy to the state. Have you been to America? Me? No But, my cousins came down because they had property and I gave them the land from selling it So we here are more the favorable of the Americans. Without a doubt So these favorable feelings existed prior to the war also? Even when Italy fought against them in the first part? We never fought against the Americans If there were these relationships with American relatives, what were the thoughts? Yes also before the war, cousins that went over there And during this first phase of the war when Italy fought against America? They were obligated to... under Fascism Was it a conflict? Was it difficult for Italians? But American didn't enter immediately, they entered later So for us, the Americans were neutral But when they later entered, we knew there was nothing more we had to do Because the Americans had conquered everything, with those who sacrificed and died But with the Americans in the first part, we had nothing to say. They were a neutral state When they entered, we knew there was nothing to do It was a great moment. With their armies they had fought all Anything more? Thanks so much

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