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Solar Decathlon - NZ team video blog 4

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We were introduced to the process, or to your project, and we found it pretty exciting, and we liked iconic, innovative things, a lot of envrionmental sensitivity as well and this project aligned with those themes. So we got a number of warehouse sites around Wellingon, and around the airport, and this one was available and it was about 10,000 square metres, so the perfect size for what was required, and I think it had the ceiling height which was something that was especially needed for this project so that all worked very well. Yeah, things seem to be coming together now, we have had a few delays admittedly, but, I think, the nature of this project - we're trying a lot of new things, things being built all over the country. So, we're expecting the panels to start arriving this week and as soon as they're here we'll be "all in to it", You can see some other, loose material starting to arrive now... the wool insulation and the cladding as well. So we can really get moving as soon as those panels turn up. So we have had some delays, especially over the Christmas period, but we kind of accounted for that in the programme, and now things seem to be on track. I mean it's been a new learning process for us, obviously organising a lot of these suppliers, materials, to come on site, and with the programme we've started to overlay things now, so a lot of the joinery's getting done at the same time. It's really taking that concept, that design, into the real world now so organising builders, suppliers and things like that. Yeah, so we definately think we'll get the house built on time. We're training for the home entertainment contest, so that's one of the ten contests, and the aim of that is to simulate living in the house, and how livable, and the entertainment capacity of the house. So during the competition we invite our neighbours round and we host two dinner parties. We really want to provide a Kiwi meal, good Kiwi flavours, and simple bach-y meals and Fisher And Paykel, who have provided all the appliances in the house, have helped us, they've got a food blog. So we thought, just for a bit of fun, and to get out of the office, we'd host some dinner parties of our own and get the team around, so the latest one was mine... For my dinner I made a variation on the haloumi, rocket and pomegranite salad suggested to us by Fisher And Paykel and then I made some lamb skewers as well. So, it's a quite good, low energy meal. Salad obviously doesn't need any energy for cooking and then the skewers. But we'll evaluate the meals that we've had and see which ones went down the best. INTERVIEWER: And how did it go down? I think it went well, yeah... yeah, well there was none left at the end.

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Posted by: springtv on Mar 1, 2011

Solar Decathlon - NZ team video blog 4

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