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Lara Aragon - Magaluf, Spain - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~14:45:00-15:14:59

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Let's see. Let's see...Youtube. Alarmantiks Lolo and Fran are putting the bikes away Dad is picking the wood - But Jeni? - The keys of the caravan - Punchy, can you hear me? - Tell me How do you search here for the guys channel? Well, the one of Alarmantiks Ah! This, now that. Ah! Okay - Thanks, Lara! - Eh? - Thank you, Lara - Thank you, Lara Invalid request Well Oh my “cuqueto”! Do you like slu…? - If you close the windows, the cool stays - Okay - Do you like…? Fer - Fernando Lift up the window Do you like slushies? - In the “Flu” there’re some… - The “Islas Papis”, here there’re some that mix... They’re huge bones that mix red and yellow Maybe you can find them there too now Note that we have never been in summer He showed me before and he said that if you keep the glass and come back on fourth Angel is the spitting image of his father, isn’t he? - And if we go the fourth of August - It’s impressive, isn’t it? - They give you them free - Yes, Angel is also there Do you have to pick it from here? No, I thought you could hook it on the other side Azucena put the pool to empty and she left it there I was saying, there’s no room for Jeni but she stays here, alone? There’s no room for Jeni? How drudgery are ads! - Yes? - Yes Ah, okay! I’ve got this, have you seen mine? - Which one? - This one - Yes - Have you played? No, but I’ve seen Luchy playing - Ah! Does Luchy play too? - Yes Did you fall asleep yesterday listening your grandfather playing sax? - Yes - Oh, I could eat you up! What a blow you got on the eyebrow, don’t you? And the one on the knee left you a huge scar - I told you I cut myself - When? With the rock and all that And I treated you three days but you still have an ugly scar I haven’t said anything else - But, why does he hit himself? - Who? And your Pou? It’s abandoned I did it really badly! I want to go Who? - Me - Then, go - To the next site? - Of course I was going to give him water, see the smarty I want it too! Angel’s whole hair turned blond, didn’t it? Yes, Angel dad? Don’t worry, I can open it The water is burning! Here you have. Did you want water? There you have! - Is it cold, mom? - It’s cold, look Bring me some I told you it was cold water, drink it all! It’s like mine You rascal! Dad, the clothesline! Her clothesline! What a fright! I thought we were going to crash My little bear This game is great - Do I put you a level? - I’m a terrible player Really horrible Put me the simplest level and I get killed - It doesn’t matter - I’m unable It explains everything Okay, there’s Jeni, there’s… Folda Rock´n roll - Be careful with the pines - That’s how it starts What do I have to do? Slide your finger to cut the rope See? It’s very easy. Press, next They’re ads How annoying are ads! Get so many stars as you can No, you have to pick them with Caramelo - Ow! - Sorry. This way, look No, not that way, wait Do you know? These are aunt Luchy’s kind of games too, aren’t they? Bubbles make Caramelo to rise You cut the rope and you fall on the bubble And now? This Press there. Read, read! Blow out the bubbles with your finger Before blowing it out, cut the rope and wait Blow it now! You had to pick the star, you know? - And now here, isn’t it? - Yes Now wait, do what you want It’s complete and it’s free You two can focus on this but I can’t How are you going? Do you want more water? Next time I’ll bring you a bucket We had some water... I had a Flash Right, but Flash doesn’t quench thirst because it’s sweet Right Then, we’re going to have problems with the animals, aren’t we? Tomorrow we should check the sketches And see if we do them, because in Alcudia there’s going to be a lot of it Well, right, but tonight at dinner we can sit... Comment them... And if it doesn’t come to something... We can do the exit, you and I I talk to Gaby And we try one of his and one mine, let’s see which... We can ask Mister Davio to help us Did you cut your finger, dad? - No - Ah! Look, mom, this here What a fixation for going out...! It doesn’t matter lorry or caravan, they all go before... Those are... What are you talking? About all of them in general? About... Yes, my car is behind That car behind us The lane ends and I should go first But, he goes before And instead going out from here he turns all that Right, but thinking that way only gets you annoyed Let’s see, “Fernanderas” let me a minute... I’ve got this here And as we don’t need it now... I’ll put it on this side Dicky got a flat tire this morning What? What was he driving? - The club? - No, the one with the lights Wow, that wasn’t just a small trailer How cool! The people of motorbikes, aren’t they? Yes - They have such huge trailers - Those carry cars From now on cars have to be carried that way When they’re to be bought? When they’re new? Yes, not with a hood but completely enclosed It is better Well, that’s all Another stage I always wanted... What? - What people do, you mean? - Yes - Were they standing, or what? - Yes, look Look how beautiful, Fer! - Cool, isn’t it? - Great On the descent... There No, not anymore on the descent I came to the conclusion that I’m allergic to... - Something from... - Yes Because I’m allergic here and not in Madrid Look, look Sailing boats. Look Fer. A sailing boat there It’s true! - How cool! - This is the nice thing about travelling This is Portals. Here is where all the mega-luxurious yachts are Where they all are yacht stores Where you and I were the other day This is what’s worthy from traveling I like this, on this side the sea On this side: pines, mountains, mega-houses Now we’ll be closer to my cousin Again And those houses? That orange one up there It’s amazing! And the view from there has to be impressive But that’s what I liked the most from the time spent in Majorca You have the mountains and the sea Suddenly you arrive to really rural villages Then you arrive to Palma and buildings are mega-modern Because the other day, the ascent to the Lluc’s monastery Was beautiful And here... We haven’t taken Fernando and Punchy there - To the lighthouse - No Punchy for sure, I don’t know for Fernandillo, he’s here... While he keeps playing he’s quiet On the way back Yes. One is playing and the other, I don’t know Tomorrow, we could go on an excursion Doesn’t Punchy leave tomorrow? Right! Does he eventually leave tomorrow? Well, then we have to go tomorrow morning to the airport To get the tickets And Mati should send us a permission, so Punchy can travel with the child - I already have the registration and the leave… - Do you? Is your phone charged? I’ve been talking to my mother the whole morning Hi, dear! When... Can you talk? Ah! No, because Punchy is going to travel with the little one So we need... Tomorrow, I think What? No, not now Right, I tell you run, run! No, tomorrow Let’s see if we find the tickets for tomorrow or after tomorrow But I need you, if possible, to send me a permission this afternoon So Punchy can travel with the baby Because although they have the second last name in common Well, I can look for the one you gave me... You’ve sent one for Gaby, don’t you? No Ah! No, if you have it on the Internet… Just change the name Do you have it in the computer? Ah, okay! If you have the... It’s not necessary Write: I, Sara Gabriela Aragon Hernandez, authorize my cousin Jose Manuel Dominguez Aragon, to travel with my daughter, etc. That’s all A photocopy of the baby’s ID? Okay, do you have the original? Maybe she can’t travel But the... So they don’t... They’re useless The original had to be here to be able to travel Well, okay, let me see how can I solve this and I’ll call you, right? Mat?! Matilde? Bye! Mat? Nothing - What happened? - The baby can’t travel So we have to do the next version of the story Well, either she sends us the ID by Seur or the baby will not be able to travel The baby can’t travel with a copy of her ID She has to travel with the original And the official family book Hello, listen, let me see how I solve this Because the baby can’t travel with anyone, then Until we have the original ID Fine, I’ll see that... I’ll call you I’ll call you tonight and tell you Kisses, I love you. Ciao, dear, ciao It’s hot What’s to do? Does it need water? It drops now Are you driving as they told you about the lorry? I am Anyway, it’s really hot today, too If you think we need to stop and put some water, we can do it Punchy would be very happy if you put water in the lorry He would buy everything in the station store Yes, we liked that name, the one of Son Rapinya, Son Rapinya We have to call this man that we want to visit Well, if we aren’t working, because if we are in... In the fifteen days of the next... That is, in the fortnight site We’ll be working every day It’s funny you can see the lorry in front of us in every part of the world, isn’t it? I’ve seen it in Miami, Argentina, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico... - Which one? - That lorry there - The Coca-Cola one? - Yes Exactly what we don’t want to be said Look... I told you Look those houses, what do you say? They’re cool, don’t they? With the palm trees We’re in Palma, don’t we? Could be Rucu? Oh, my grandmother! Grandmother isn’t for these pictures, I’m going to scold them all Don’t do me that Your relationship with the caravan isn’t the same Is it dropping? I told you, if I were you, I wouldn’t risk... In the next petrol station Look how deserted... The cemetery - We have to go to Valldemossa, dad - It’s here, isn’t it? - To have a walk - No, the next one. Yes, I’ve been It is beautiful. Beautiful. Spectacular - Really nice, the town center at night - But you haven’t entered... Okay, no There you have to go and see Chopin’s piano and all that... There’re places you have to visit and experience, not just go through Don't go there It’s said you can’t go on motorbikes... With such clothes... But people don’t care, do they? - Do you have any battery? - Yes, I do I have none, I need... Not much, but I have some Well, the problem is that I don’t stop receiving messages Mati says that she can come this weekend and take both with her Yuya and...

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The Aragon family begins their trip.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Lara Aragon.

This video was produced by Mara Pérez, Chino Saavedra, Pablo Barrientos, Paromita Dhar, and Carlos Rodriguez.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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