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TEDxSeoul - Anour F.A. Dafa-Alla - I am a TED Volunteer Translator

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Thank you. Thank you. Love you. Salam Aleikum. This means words of Allah. And I'm in Sudan. Hello everyone. My name is Anour Dafa-Alla. I'm from Sudan. As you can see. OK. I'm a CEO of Afro-Arab Trading. It's a trading company. And I'm a Phd candidate at Chungbuk National University in CheongJu. In the last year and a half this new title has been attached to me. I'm a TED volunteer translator and I love that. I love it, I do. Translation is about sharing. And sharing is caring Here is my daughter, my son. They care for each other right? ..And sharing is Sharing is humane.. When you want to do something for yourself, do it for your neighbor also...right? So, translating TED for love.. I love you all....thats it.. thank you TED is a translation project that was launched in May 2009 That gives the opportunity for the English speaking volunteers like me To subtitle into their local language maybe in the talk (dababer), you see the subtitles so, this what we do in the open translation project it is a one volunteer translator and one volunteer reviser I am obsessed with two things one is spreading ideas, okay the other is documentation i need to document any moment in my life i want to document this right now it is gonna be on facebook okay So I blogged the first talk that I published. The reviser was Yasser Bahjatt And then I had more than 4,500 views That was amazing for me because people usually do not interact with this vibration So I made a road map policy for myself to continue in the open translation project that has, you know this responsibility commitment and showing gratitude to your partner in the translation, do not argue and express your willingness to continue on so I sum this in one email message email message that always in my draft i send it to the gay i work with so how do it when volunteer translator together we form the facebook group in than in that group we use it to communicate with each other the most active translators that one was fascinating these gay Yasser Bahgat he was the most active translator and we in Sudan our naighbor countries or part of them still type the Sudanes as lazy so most active lock attractive on me i want to join there So I went there,and then I went Continue,When I hit 120 talks in November 2010/9 Thank you I had this interview in TED blog , and then Talk someone from TED x Seoul Mr. Han He contacted me , you live in south Korea Let’s contact and attend after our party I meet with them in December 20…first After that this was the biggest surprise in 2009 for me at that year i received the best paper award in a scientific conference but wasn’t as you know as nice as receiving this message we need you in Califronia in Ted active So i went to get the USA visa you know Sudan Is blacklist country, you know the american rules So i get frustrated maybe some one forgot to do homework am i right So we get there after the second trial, we got the visa, and i went ted active with some people are here, we get the translation submit and voulnteer submit i call it, it was really great, we shared ideas and this very. I love it in bodies you now the connectedness between different people who are passionate about this ideas so I came back in february continue and continue move on and this the state of today so am i superman? no that would be happening without the help of other collaborator so we have humanity human contentedness here in this one so i really want to give the credit for those volunteer translators from everywhere and here is khalid,he's attending here so,from different areas in the arabic world we share the translators, and we share advice and we help each other so,we formed the We have this in common, right? We have dotsub technology for the translation and google translate. Everyone here can do it , right ? We need passion , right ? We need to share , so that's it . The family support to us is a very important factor . Because, if you have a wife or a partner that doesn't help you on this . You can never get away from this . And my wife's favorite TEDtalk is jamie olivr's TEDprize wish TED talk is jamie oliver's TED prize whis To teach every child about food They care about us. My wife will care about me and about my children, right ? Sometimes we are selfish, as men So we need to translate for our children, right? To reveal the possibility the opportunity, etc. extra extra extra We need your child, your daughter, go to a computer Finds something in her language, right? To be understandable for her So in TED 2010 my favorite quote was whatever you doing failure is an option fear is not we are going to organize the first tedx in Sudan.That is tedx Khartum Please cheer up for us Thank you...Thank you

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Anour F.A. Dafa-Alla (AnwarKing) _ TED Translator (Most translations as individual), TEDxKhartoun

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