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If you're a data centre operator you've got some major concerns. You need to cut operating costs, reduce energy consumption and maintain high availability. To make all those elements work together, you need an energy management strategy. But how do you begin to develop a strategy? How can you know just what measures need to be taken to improve the efficiency of your data centre? Schneider Electric status centre assessments are the first step to making your data centre as efficient and effective as it can be. The assessment begins with thorough on-site data collection, which is customised for your data centre, focusing on 4 key areas: power distribution, cooling, airflow and space optimisation. Our experts will spend anywhere from a day to a week gathering critical information about your data centre's performance. Next: an energy management services specialist puts his or her extensive data centre expertise to work in analysing your data centre's information and calculating any energy efficiency issues that may be costing you money. We'll generate a comprehensive report using industry-standard measurement benchmarks, such as the Green Grid Data Centre Maturity Model and Power Usage Effectiveness or PUE. The report details clear recommendations with costs, associated savings and return on investment to make your data centre more efficient from right sizing to cooling, to upstream power distribution. We'll even tell you about any effects that taking efficiency measures might have on your infrastructure. And we'll package it all together in clear and concise charts, graphs and animations. Finally, we'll sit down with you in person to go over the report piece by piece, so you understand it from top to bottom. Well sure, you might say, there are a lot of companies out there that will assess my data centre. And you would be right. But once your data centre is assessed, what do you do with the information? Only Schneider Electric can provide industry-leading expertise and data centre solutions that are business-wise and future-driven. Solutions such as power and cooling systems, monitoring software services and project management. Solutions designed to fit seamlessly into energy management strategies that go beyond the walls of your data centre, and into your buildings and manufacturing plants. Take all of that, adding the fact that we can provide both short-term fixes for quick payback and long-term strategies to keep your company's energy use sustainable, throw in a growing, highly trained staff of EMS specialists and an offer that's consistent the world over, and you have a data centre solution that will save you money and energy and put a big smile on your CFO's face. When you're ready to take that first energy step Towards making your data centre business-wise and future-driven, Just log on to or contact your local Schneider Electric sales person for more information.

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