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Zeus video blog before Major MLG Columbus (ENG SUBS SOON)

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Danya Zeus here How are you guys, how's the mood? I'm sending you hugs, take my positive energy Everything is well Guys, Saturday March 26th today We finally have a day off We're not practicing today, and that's awesome Awesome because Because we're just tired Yesterday we got tired We're playing a prac and I understand that everyone is squished like a wisp Everybody hates CS and each other Without any rest, from morning to night Playing Counter Strike Damn, 1 million dollars is on the line An awesome tournament 16 teams, none of them are weak Everyone wants to win this tournament The competition is real from morning to night It's insane what's going on Yesterday I understood how insane everything was Emotions, nerves, chaos In one moment we settled down Looked at things adequately "Guys, hello, it's all good, we're just tired" Lots of preparation, lots of work We prepared for Katowice Came back from Katowice Discuseed a lot of stuff, analyzed, added, removed New training system, hard work Went to Croatia Won Croatia And we liked how we won Before Croatia we lost a lot of pcw's And We didn't really understand what was working and what wasn't Counter Pit was a general rehearsal before the major Obviously all the teams in Croatia went there to see what's working and what's not We set goals for ourselves I liked how we played in the finals It was awesome I looked at my teammates and how they were preparing for the finals And understood that we'll turn up and give Astralis no chance All the info from the first round of first map Everyone just got going Gave a good whipping Came back from Croatia, first 4 days almost without rest We suddenly started winning pcw's Any team Usually fnatic rarely practice with us They feel us coming up from behind Even though we still didn't win them once on LAN For such a long time But we're closing the gap And they know it, so practice with us less But when they do play, they are very sharp and win almost every pcw against us Here, we came back from the tournament and won 4 maps in a span of a couple of days It was pretty sweaty So we won It doesn't even matter really, pcw results are pointless We are starting to feel the skill And confidence against top teams It felt awesome, but when yesterday and the day before that Those last days it was hard for us, some people didn't give info I had a feeling someone will die in front of their PC It was excessive use of energy Everyone was very tired Yesterday on last prac, we just turned on and did our best Brightened up the mood and ended on a major note. I'm happy it happened that way We ended the training process Let's rest for a couple of days, the fucking championship is ahead A good championship Where we should focus and do our best And obviously As I said there are no weak teams there We understand that Let's talk about groups That are already decided Analyze what's what I'll tell my opinion Who are the favorites etc. You know guys A couple of years ago when they introduced 250k majors Everyone was panicking, agiotage 250k tournament, holy shit Everyone shocked First major passed, second, third And everyone was like "250k, fuck that shit" Well, it wasn't exactly like that A major has status A tournament by Valve You guys get drop from watching it Stickers, by the way, buy ours Lots of cool stuff And overall everything is very well organized In all ways everything is top notch Big respect to Valve for that, good job Anyway, everyone got used to it When they announced 1 million, that agiotage was back For CS, this prize pool is a breakthrough And Everyone understands how important this tournament is It will pass As far as I know, there will be a minimum of 3 majors this year Inside info boys It will have that same 1 million prize pool Maybe more So obviously Everyone will get used to it But the fact that it's the first tournament And you want to win it Everyone does Let's go and check out the groups We're looking at groups on navi-gaming,.com Visit our site, there's lots of interesting stuff here We deliver all the info and news here Four groups A: NiP, LG, mouz, F3 Obvious favorites are Luminosity A team that plays awesome right now They gained momentum And are in good form NiP A team that a year and a half ago was top1 in the world And back then a very small group of teams could win against them Mousesports, a team that is... Unstable, but... Can win vs any top team in the world And they'll fight But F3 won vs them 2-0 online Flipsid3 almost won vs Fnatic on two maps as well It was like 16-14 on both maps And those guys are in good form right now I think that It will be a tough fight And that F3 with NiP Will have a hell of a match For me LG are favorites And here I'll give my vote to NiP They have more skill and experience But know that F3 are in good form And mouz don't have the best form right now and it'll be hard for them I still think they will fight back Next, Group B Fnatic, top1 team, Even when they have issues I think they will be ready for this tournament And I think they'll show maximum skill And will do everything to get out of groups, so the obvious favorites are them Team FaZe, which, what can I say Not the most consistent team, have potential to win vs top teams but still inconsistent They'll have good chances to pass groups And Team Liquid, which Has my fellow countryman s1mple Weird comments from him S1mple says screw the major Screw U.S and the team, I want to go back to my parents and friends He's tired From one side I can understand him, he's young Didn't quite handle the pressure If he's writing stuff like this, it means he trained a lot The team was preparing a lot He'll rekt people most likely In the groups at least But on the other hand The mood isn't exactly for such an important tournament Not professional I think But all in all Team Liquid are Americans on their home turf I understand that they have good chance to win vs FaZr And pass the groups Other team, no idea how to pronounce them I don't know much about them, I think they'll I won't say much, I'll say that Liquid and FaZe will sweat for it Fnatic should just secure one of the two spots Next, Group C EnvyUs, Astralis, Gambit, CLG Here it's interesting, Astralis are favorites to me They should pass from the first place Next, EnvyUs, who threw out kio and picked up a young dude Who has issues, it's hard, they're practicing a lot right now Gambit, just skilled players Who Want to win, lots will cheer for them And they have chances to get out of groups CLG, Americans, it will be hard for them, but again they won't give up easily Home turf all that stuff I understand that Astralis are the favorites here And I understand that EnvyUs as well Is a team that should get out of groups with Astralis But I understand that Gambit and CLG can cause EnvyUs issues and not let them pass the groups, we'll see Next, Group D Na'Vi, VP, G2, C9 This is interesting Natus Vincere, top2, a team that is in good form right now Should be favorites in this group But I understand that For us this group is hard For us the goal is to come out of groups To bite that spot in the play offs The goal is from first place, but it doesn't matter, just get out of groups G2 that haven't played us for like a month I do not know their form, I know they are practicing a lot and have counter strats for us VP, that had a fall And in Croatia caused us a lot of problems It was hard for us to play against them, as usual we are in war with them all the time So it won't be easy Again, C9, Americans, getting ready for us, and all other teams All the American teams work really hard right now The group is very hard, I hope that we'll win everyone and pass from the first place If not we'll have to fight for the second place I will give my vote to Virtus.Pro As a team that I would want to be in the play offs I'll cheer for them And they can do it And here we have other teams that have the potential to outplay VP and get out of groups There will be chaos in here Can't say anything specifically But you've heard my opinion About how teams will behave I just realize that there are no weak teams here None, everyone prepared their asses off Everyone played hard Every team has their star Sick players And some teams which we haven't played with in a while I realize that to surprise For this tournament to bring something new to the table Any team can do it Like our boosts in Katowice Here there can be even crazier shit I'm sure everyone worked 24/7, researched for this tournament There is no other way Okay, for me it's all side stuff Just wanted to talk to you guys It doesn't matter For me it's important for the team to have the motivation How we will focus It's the most important thing Because when we are gathered, we feel your support When we are focused, we don't care what team we play We are ready to win versus any team in the world And I am confident in that Everything is on us, you guys wake up early, because time zones are different Put all the things aside, cheer for us if you can Be with us, we need you guys Together, we're like a train that doesn't stop We go ahead I love you guys, I'll have coverage from the tournament Videos and other stuff if I get tthe chance But I'm focused on the championship, on my team, it's the most important thing for me In any case, I know you guys are with us I wish you positive, good mood Be careful with your bets, because trust me there will be unexpected stuff at this tournament It'll be psychotic, crazy matches, I'm sure Anyway, kisses and hugs, Danya Zeus, everything is well, see you soon, bye!

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Zeus video blog before Major MLG Columbus (ENG SUBS SOON)

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