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Friends 01x01 parte 2

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes)'s full of...giant lizards.. I mean, if tonight you don't feel like being alone Joey and Chandler will help me unpack my new furniture Yes, we are truely touched Thank you, but I think ill stay at home today I'm exhausted.It's been a long day- Oh, ofcourse, it's logical Phoebe, do you want to help us? Oh, I'd love to, but I don't feel like it right now We must hold a kind of bracket to the side frame using the worm-shaped tools I don't see any kind of bracket nor any worm-shaped tools and I don't know if I can lift myself What is this? I've got not damn clue There we go! It's finished This is carols favourite bear She liked drinking it from the can, I shouldve imagined it Yes Let me ask you a question She had to do the furniture, the stereo, the t.v that works..What have you got left? You(plural) Okay, they have annoyed you, it's awful -It's incredible!- I know I know, I'm a idiot I shouldve imagined it when she started going to the dentist 3 or 4 times a week. Yes-...-How much is it? Thats enough My brother is going through something similar, hes torn How did you get over it? Tell him to break something thats very valuable for her, for example.. Her leg?- Well, its a posibility, yes I settled for her watch. - You broke her watch? Mhm Barry, I'm sorry..I'm really sorry You'll think this has something to do with what I told you the other night, about making love with socks on. but it's not like that, this time it's about me and when.. Hello, it's cut again, but that dosent matter Know what it is that scares me the most? What if in this world theres only one woman for everyone What if only one woman touches you? and then it's over Unfortunately in my case there was only one woman..for the other You, what are you talking about? one woman! It's like saying theres only one ice cream flavour for you Let me explain something to you, Ross Out there theres many diffrent flavours. Theres rum with raisins, chocolate with nuts and yes, vanilla with strawberry You can say it with hot chocolate or with whipped cream It's the best thing that could ever have happend to you Did you ever think about marrying when you where..4 or 8 years old? Welcme to the free world, take a cone! To be truthful, I don't know if it's heat or hunger Don't go near my fridge! Since she..abandoned me.. - I ..- What? Whats wrong are you going to spell it with the noodles? No, it's..something I should tell you at your next date Ooo, so theres going to be a fifth date? Do you think there will? Yes, I think so What where you going to tell me? Well, you see. Since she left me I.. I haven't been able to work again...sexually Sorry Paul, I'm sorry, really sorry..-Don't worry about it. I know that what you need the least atm is that you get spat at. Since when? 2 years Oh! -Yes..- I'm glad that you broke the clock You keep thinking that..there will bea fifth date. Who was I going to ask? Isn't it incredible? It's the first time ever I prepare coffee Yes, It's incredible Congratulations! As your so inspired, if you want to prepare some pancakes or something.. To be honest, I'm not very hungry in the morning Good Morning, good morning Good Morning, good morning Good morning, Good morning Paul Hey Paul, - Hey, Paul Right? I had a great time Thank you We can talk later, okay? Yes Thank you It wasn't the real date

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Posted by: pannazosia on Apr 22, 2010

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