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Masters of KAB. Class #12 : Karen Sacrefice

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So that's why when they talk about, what they call {...hebraico..} {...hebraico..} is they thing in witch you do sacrifice Im Hebrew the {.. hebraico} means { hebraico } with is forgiveness { hebraico } with is merit and { hebraico } with is blessing that's why is call the {hebraico} in order for there to be {hebraico} there must be a forgiviness, in other words we need to come with a clean heart and say I have done X, Y and Z in my life and i'm choosing to change that and it's difficult because i fall every time I go up the ladder, and I don't make it to the next stage, i don't make it to the next grade but Creator, i'm trying, you gave me these vessel you made me work for what I got I'm trying. I'm asking you to forgive the things that i have done that I should not have done, and allow me the {hebraico} allow me the merit to be able to give sacrifice before you were to accept me and what we should understand from this and after the situation it comes the point of {Hebraico} because the only way, only way that we receive the most in our lives is when we really know, and feel that without that divine Light, without that part of me, by the way, the ___ is connected with the heart the ____ are the lungs So the entire thing, when you see it, as it's build creates de human body, because we are the {.... hebrew....} we are the seed of our own soul an so, when my heart goes to the creator and saids I've screwed up big time, I did the worst things that i can possible do but i'm still ticking, my heart still is pounding in my chest that's mean you given me the opportunity to change, i offered my myself and all that I've done to change me allow me the {.... hebrew.....}, to connect even further to you an when a human being saids that we understand that everything that he had in his life whatever his possessions are, in one second without the Light of the creator it's gone without that soul that fully grows inside of us and allows us to live, we have nothing we are zero then, and only then, can we reach {....hebrew....} because {...hebrew....} means what? blessing means what? it saids that the most difficult of all of the things that a person can do that binds he, that moves him least to the arms of the Creator it's arrogance not stealing, not killing, not anything Arrogance. You know why? Cause an arrogant person he don't need nothing, we knows everything, he knows that he's right on everything and everybody else it's a servant to him and he doesn't bend at least I know that I did something wrong I can say "you know, I'm gonna thy not to that again" even an addict saids "I'm gonna try tomorrow not to do I'm not gonna take... I'm not... " tries. An arrogant person he knows that he's beyond and this is one of the things that are the most difficult to bend

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Karen Sacrefice

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