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Magnets I am Martin the Magnificent. Watch as I make these ordinary paperclips disappear. Yes. It's not really magic. It's science. Now remember – magnets are made from iron, nickel or cobalt. And, the Earth is a giant magnet because its core is mostly iron and nickel. You'll find magnets in all sorts of things that you wouldn't expect – like doorbell, electric can opener, telephones, stereo speakers, and video tapes, PAN Cards, refrigerator magnets, and audio cassettes. Some animals like dolphins, birds and honey bees use the Earth's magnetic field to find their way home. Humans might need a compass. Can you think of something that is magnetic? A magnet has a front-end and a back-end – a north pole and a south pole. Now, what would happen if you could cut a magnet in half? Would you get a magnet that was only a north pole or a magnet that was only a south pole? We'll take a look at this. These are the electron cars of science. And, each have a front-end and a back-end – a north-end and south-end. Now, right now, they are parked all which way. But, let's line them up like the electrons in a magnet. There. Now, let's cut them in half. See, we end up with two smaller magnets. These cars have a north-end and a south-end – a north pole and a south pole. So, if you break a magnet in half, you get two smaller magnets that each have a north pole and a south pole. Therefore, we can tell – there's no way to get a magnet with just one pole. Magnets are made of metals – iron, cobalt or nickel. If a magnet comes near one of these metals, it pulls on it. If a magnet comes near another magnet, it pushes on it or pulls on it. Those magnets – Likes Repel and Opposites Attract. This is 'Magnetic or Not'. A screw-driver – magnetic or not? Cold hard cash – magnetic or not? A levitating train – magnetic or not? This has been another 'Magnetic or Not?' Now you know a little more about magnets!

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