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EN - Carla Pratt - DateATon 2018

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Hey everyone, I am Carla. So you want them to bring guests to come and purchase and date a party and so your business keeps growing. So, we'll give them five tickets if they do a pokeno party or a cooking party or a home party. And then, you know, sometimes people for whatever reason they like to do Facebook parties or book parties or whatever. Well, you know what, I might just give them one entry into that because I really want them to do that home party, that pokeno party or a cooking party, so I want to give them more, I want to reward them with more chances to win my door prize by getting them to date that home party. So, after I do all of that, and then of course, I always give them ten tickets. If you want you can give more but if they say yes and join my team that night, well then I'm going to give them extra door prize tickets and I'm going to give them more door prize tickets. Because you know what? That's a chance for them to win that door prize, take it home and be able to use that prize for their own parties. So, now I'm going to tell you about my prizes and then I'm going to explain how we do the whole point system on the pokeno. So now my prizes are first, second, third, fourth and fifth. Okay, well fifth prize is really for the person who pokeno's the least amount in the whole pokeno game. So, it can be anything you have. It can be Tiny Treasures, it could be Smidgets, some old dating bowls, you have like a sandwich keeper, maybe a tumbler. And you know, a lot of us just earned these little forget-me-not's and these are absolutely great because we're going to have two or maybe four of them coming our way. And you know guys, even if has the 70 years of the party on it, a lot of people like that because in their eyes, that's a collectors edition. So, don't be scared to use those 70 years of the party products you get that you earn if you're not going to use it for yourself, go ahead and use it for a prize because people like that. So, these are my prizes and what I usually do is it's a point system. I'm going to have some point sheets that I'm going to send to Cheryl and I also will have a little breakdown of how I do my door prize drawing tickets. I'll also sent that to Cheryl. I'm sure she'll distribute it in some kind of way to business leaders or somewhere where you'll be able to get it. So, I use Smidgets. You have to have these little chips and this does come with the pokeno game. You can buy these pokeno games. I buy mine on Amazon. But you can get them sometime at Walmart, Target, any of those places. So just kind of check your local little department stores around your house and see maybe if you can find it over at one of those. So this is what the double edition pokeno game looks like. You're going to get two sets of cards so you can play up to 24 people. One set is up to twelve so you can have up to twelve people. I like to tell my host that there is a minimum of ten people because I don't want less than ten coming because I want them to be playing pokeno. If I'm going to give five prizes I want to have the chance to sell a lot of product and to make as much for that host as I can. Now of course, like I said, you can use Tiny Treasures, key chains, scoops, funnels, whatever you choose. That will be up to you. So, in doing my party, you're going to take a deck of cards, because this is your bingo balls, it's a deck of cards, and this is your bingo card, it's a pokeno card. And you have your little dabber things right here which are some little chips. Now, some people may choose to use pennies, rocks, whatever that you have handy. Some little stones if you have a lot of stones in your house. You can use whatever you like for them cover with. You get a little box of plastic chips when you buy your pokeno game so I use the chips because it comes with the game. And I invested into some mini's, some Tupper Mini's, because you know what? This is another product I can talk about and I don't have to bring it with me as a product for my demonstration. So I will flip a card and it is— this one is the six of clubs, so I will look on here and if I have the six of clubs I would mark it. And then I would flip another card and it's the four of spades so then I would cover. And then when I get to the point where there is five covered in a row... I yell "Pokeno!" just like you would yell bingo. And then I mark a point for the person who has the pokeno and then we start all over. We play ten games. I know you all are thinking ten games sounds like a lot but it really does go pretty quick and if you're like me, I like to have my parties within an hour, hour and a half max. So with the ten games, it goes pretty quick. You do have to play all the pokeno games after all orders are taken because you want to do your first drawing for your door prize and give away some free Tupperware before you start playing because it makes everybody really want to focus on their pokeno card and win as many games as they can. Now, you're playing ten games, you have twelve people. Well, what if you have a tie? That always is something that could happen. So this is how I handle tie-breaker situations. What I do is, if somebody got first place and two people are tied for second and third, I would tell the second and third to each pull a card. So the first person will pull and she's got the king of diamonds, sorry, the king of spades. And then the next persons going to come and they're going to pull and they've got the queen of hearts. Well, the king of spades, because the king is higher than the queen, the king beats the queen, so she gets second place and she gets third place. Now, how do I decide what prizes are first, second, third, fourth and booby? I don't. I let them decide. I put all my prizes out and I tell them that whoever is first gets to pick first. Whoever is second gets to pick second. Whoever is third, third. And then fourth gets to pick fourth. Now for that last prize that's left, what I do— because it's a different little spin on bingo, is I give that prize to the person who has pokenoed the least. Because you know what? They did come. And yes, they did not pokeno but they had a good time and you had a good time and usually they're very excited and they're like, "Oh, almost had it, almost had it." So, this way, that person with the least amount of pokenos does get to go home with a little something. They get to go home with whatever was the last prize. Now, if there is a tie for the last prize, because it's the person who won the least, when they pick their cards— So, let's say Jane and Sue— Jane picks the one. The ace is the one, it's a one point. And then Sue picks the six. Well the six for Sue beats Jane's one. So Jane is the winner because her's is the lowest because she pokenoed the least amount. So, this is how we do it here down in Louisiana. I'm not real sure how everybody else would do it. You can put your own rules and you can make it happen for you. Whichever way you like. But I do think this is a great little spin on bingo. And I hope and I pray that for you, it will be something that will help get your business boosted as well. We do pokeno over here almost on a weekly basis. There's always someone dating a pokeno party. So I'm hoping that I helped you to date your very own pokeno party. And if you have any questions, I will be here in the comments trying to answer your questions. And also, for those that know me, reach out to me and I'll be happy to help you. Thank you all very much for watching. Have a good evening.

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EN - Carla Pratt - DateATon 2018

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