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#MillionsMissing Global Protests

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#MillionsMissing is a global campaign for M.E. health equality. There's all kinds of other diseases which are serious that we know about, but, boy ME/CFS is one that's been missed. Someone forgot about it a long time ago, and the shoes here are representing all those people who are missing today. In May, protests happened in 13 cities globally, and 100,000 patients participated online. It's so great to see so many people coming out for a disease that's just not understood, underfunded, and from which so many people desperately suffer. I'm here on behalf of my son, Gordon. He is 22... he's been sick since he was 12. For the last half-century what we had is a persistently bad idea about what this illness is. They demanded change, funding and medical education from their governments 30 years of government neglect has resulted in the callous abandonment of 20 million M.E. patients worldwide. These are just some pictures of my son. There he is protecting his sister; and then down here at the bottom is what he looks like now. He's severely ill and he requires constant care. These patients suffer untreated and without hope, confined to their beds and homes, isolated from other people. I was well and I had so many dreams. But when you get sick like I did you expect that there will be help -- that even if there is not treatment, there will be care. Today, there is still no approved treatment available. There are no FDA-approved treatments. There have been no clinical trials for medications for M.E. And we have been ignored! Our demands: 1) Research funding commensurate to disease burden 2) Clinical trials to secure medical treatments for M.E. 3) Accurate medical education and improved clinical care 4) Commitment by our governments that is serious and urgent We protest again on September 27th in 24 cities globally. Join us.

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Support the #MillionsMissing fundraiser and help us spread awareness and demand change for people with M.E.

Join us for #MillionsMissing:

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