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C5L6: La Crosse Drill

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Another great drill to find the line of the ball, I call the La crosse drill. Now I know people watch the pros do this, they think its so amazing. Its really very easy if you watch the flight of the ball carefully and move with your entire body connected to the flight of the ball. The line of the ball, I do this with my juniors nice and easy and then as they get to be in the sixteens and eighteens I rocket balls at them. They pretty much move at the same speed even if you hit the ball hard, as I said earlier if you are far away from someone it never moves that quickly. So this drill can get you to watch carefully how the ball lines up see this it rises. Look how I bring my racket up to rise with it. Now I know where its going I see it start to fall and I just move with the ball. This is a really great drill its intense because you really have to be careful as you, you can even do it on the backhand, you really have to be careful. You don't want to move quickly or it just bounces or goes behind you. Try it on the backhand in slow motion, see as the ball rises and starts to fall. I lift my arm so I can see where the ball is coming. I stay on the line of the ball, see that stay on the line of the ball, and I keep moving with the ball. It doesn't even rattle its very easy either forehand or backhand. Start doing this with your students its another one of those drills that can help a player get to the next level. You really get connected to the ball. If you want to start this, if the kids a real young youngster they just do it with themselves right. They can keep the racket on the, keep the ball on the face of the racket lift their racket up so the ball leaves by a couple of inches. Then they can come down with the ball. If you follow me there. Just goofing around as always!

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 12, 2014

Get on track with the line of the ball.

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