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Mensaje de Capricornio de Karen Berg

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Welcome to the month of Capricorn. The month that is governed by what is called all father time: Saturn Saturn's energy and the energy normally of the Capricorn is very serious and very compelling and trusting nobody but themselves. The idea of learning how to trust in people or trust in a system is very, very difficult. Saturn is been known as the IRS of the universe. Means that, people usually born under the sign of Capricorn... work for everything they get. It's like the goat going up the mountain slowly, but slowly, slowly, slowly to the top. Capricorn is known as one of the more difficult signs. Interesting though, Capricorn has the largest number of clairboyant or psychic people born under the sign. Because they strive so hard for everything that they feel they need in their life. The materialism that they need. That's why they get problems a lot of times, cause they trust the mighty dollar. And they forget about the All Mighty. But in any event, Capricorn that becomes spiritual can easily reach higher goals than others. it's like we've said before the deeper the hole, the more difficult things are in life... Those who are able to overcome and to walk the stairs, to go to the top, become higher, become more invested in the Light force of God. Capricorn children usually look at their folks and they say: why are they acting so childish? Simply because usually the souls that come down that are born in this month, are old souls. People that have been around the block many, many times. But the good part is as they grow older their life becomes better. I think one reason might be they forget their difficulties in childhood. Most of them are firstborns. And taking on the responsibilities. A lot of these kids become the parents instead of the parents becoming their mentors they become the mentors to the parents. Now for us, particularly in this month, being a little bit as we know about Capricorn we should understand that there are two powerful influences this month. One is of course Saturn. And Saturn is always heavy. Always difficult to move forward. Moving forward indeed but slowly, calculated, sometimes even manipulative. But then there is the other force, which is the force of Aquarius, that wants to be free, that wants to move and wants to go. And when you have this two opposing, which is what's happening right now in the cosmos, you sort of feel that you really would like to take that blanket, lay down and go to sleep for the rest of the month. But there's a force there that says: "you've gotta a break free, you've gotta become more open, you've gotta let your emotions out. You've gotta learn what real love is. This two conflicting ideas cause us a little bit of havoc. And so one of the things I'm saying we need to do is to take our responsibilities, particularly now, seriously. Because the effect of what we do here, might affect the rest of our year. That's number one. And number two, we need to open ourselves to find a way to create an emotional place. So we have many tasks to do together in this month. One is certainly to look straight on to our responsibilities, but also to look pass that to try to inject in every aspect of our lives more love, more emotion, more caring. The cold is only cold when we block the sun. We have the ability, particularly in this month. We have the use of the letters, the Ayin and the Bet which is together the 72 names of God. The power that's there together with the energy force will allow you to win the price at the end. And having a life of fulfillment. And the life of fulfillment can only happen when we go over the ladder of difficulty. True, it's a hard month, it's cold in relations. That´s why winter is cold. Because it's Capricorn. Capricorn is a cold place. It is our job to inject within that energy the warmth that we can open for ourselves part of the meditation that we're about to do hopefully will help us to do that. So if you can, please put your feet flat on the floor, Uncross your body, leave your arms straight so the energy flows through you. Lift your eyes a little bit above the field of vision and close them... Let your body relax... Few deep breaths in... and out... Let your mind be free. And hear nothing but the sound of my voice.

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Mensaje de Capricornio de Karen Berg

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