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I come back AfterLife/Death: Ikqa, Missing Child i was killed in Sacrifice Ritual

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Desteni Presents: Vlogs from the AfterLife/Death - Ikqa Hi! my name is, Ikqa. I am here to, share my experience as, a child, in this world. and, how I died when, I was three years old. I was born into a 'culture', into a family, that had a specific 'ritual occult'. Well then these 'rituals', it worked as follows: The family were able to have, more than, eight nine children, in 'hopes' that there would be more than one male, born into the 'particular specific', family. Every 'second' male, was used for a specific 'ritual', that, would be sacrificed to 're-birth', a older male within the culture, into the settlement 'once more'. It was believed that if a child, was 'sacrificed' for a, was sacrificed to the 'protectors', to the gods to, the one that 'gives Life'. the older male would be, 're-birthed' within 'himself', and, would then have a a, a longer 'Life', in this world and would be able to be initiated into their 'next Life', to their, to their 'next stage' of, of being. and, I was, one of these 'second males' born into a family. and, I was 'sacrificed' for my father. so, what occurs is, I represent 'him', as a child, and within that, I represent him as a child so basically, I would be - the child, as him, and in sacrificing 'me' 'he' would then, have 'a double Life', span, within himself. and he would 'attain', to his next Life 'within this Life'. So, he would basically 'when he dies', he would continue, existing continue living. Within a parallel existence, within a parallel universe, he would still remain 'Here' and, how the ritual occur was, I would be placed on, onto a a log like 'structure'. All, the beings from the settlement would 'gather', I would be brought, on by my mother, on a red, soak material like, 'cloth', it would be evening, there would be 'logs', fire everyone would have their bodies 'painted' and the 'with' specific symbols. They're coming together, the unity representing 'everyone coming together as One' for the One. The protector that, the one that 'gives Life', and Then I would be 'cut', I would be cut opened by my arms, while I am awake. I was cut opened by my arms, my fore arms, my fingers all my fingers actually all the points on your, on my human physical body as baby, three years old Always at three, which represents the trinity, of the one coming, together my body and, soul. and, I would be cut, even at the tips of my fingers, my face, under my eyes, my eyes itself, my fore head with the blunt knife. Because, the cutting open would represent, the opening, of 'me' so that my 'spirit' as a child of 'innocence' would come out, completely and 'encompass' my father, and as they would 'cut' he would stand, in front of me and he would specifically penetrate his penis into, my bum, which will be my connection point where my spirit would come through, and come into him. There was no, actual "movement" it's just the one point of penetration so that my spirit will 'come through', as the child as him and encompass, in him 'as him'. and that that, penetration was done after I was cut, 'opened' in all the places, so that I would be able to 'float through'. and, that 'float through' would be indicated the moment, 'I died'. So, 'I died', and in that dieing my spirit or, the 'innocence' of a child as the child spirit would enter, my father and, he would then stand, and during that 'entire ritual' all the, members within the settlement would sing. A specific 'expression', of sound because that sound then vibrates, the entire being of the physical human body, and in that "vibration", that's that's the indication that this 'spirit' of me 'as a child as him' as my father, is now, penetrating and integrating 'entirely', and the moment, it is the vibration 'stops' and, the all the members of the tribe, stops singing and I am 'dead', is the initiation 'complete' and my father, then has, the, 'entrance', to his 'next Life' that would be just a, 'prolonged- Life', after he leave 'this Life' within which he's experiencing himself. and the woman were always, seen as the 'slaves'. 'the', the the workers, for the 'gods', the god that the one, which gives Life. That was the one, of which this 'ritual' was done. so it was believed that, you know, when my spirit enters him after the shaking, and the singing and, I've I've dead, I'm dead and the penetration, that, the the 'that' which gives 'Life', the One, the protector, the creator has given 'permission', for the 'the male' the father, to enter the prolonged next Life within an, alternate dimension, alternate 'existence'. and if! this process didn't take take place, where the male would specifically shake the 'shaking', was specific. then the male, would then be 'killed', along with the child, because, 'the One', that that which gives Life, did not give permission for him, to enter 'the next Life, prolonged Life'. So, that is how, I was 'killed', by ritual, by the existence of ritual, within this world. Thank you very much For listening, good bye. More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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