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C9L5 Points of View

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Lets talk a little bit about the different points of view, right now we have been pretty ego centric this camp this university has been ego centric ok here is your 45 degree angle. Here is your figure 8 your sign curve, now your left hand it can be problematic some times if you are too ego centric. You want to be concentrical you want to see things as I mentioned once before I believe in one of the months. You want to see your self from above and get different perspectives of the game which will all help you sort of syphon out this method into your game. Into yourself and I think pointing out some of these different points of view may help you and your students to continue your quest. The first one I think of always is looking from above. Imagine you were the all Mighty One looking straight down and really feeling and seeing how these lines emerge and ripple off your center. Not like you are any one person but you are just part of the life of the ball. You are just doing your part you know like a pin ball game to get your lever. Your non linear lever out to that spot every time on both sides where you feel like you can't miss. I think the above view is very good. I would say to that is when we talk about depth perception and really one player is over here and one player is over there and the ball comes and goes. It comes right at you and it goes to out to your periphery or out to infinity almost and comes back. This feeling of when the ball is over there and the other player is hitting it is sort of that objective view right. Because he is hitting it and not you yet as the ball is coming towards you. You are the one reacting and trying to hit the ball so this idea of depth perception where the ball comes from out there and it start coming at you. How do you a line yourself , how do you see the depth of the ball and the perspective of the court is sort of the outer view in. You have to imagine you know the perspective line and imagine what is really going on more than just reacting to the ball coming at you. So in the beginning you will see how a person reacts as a pro and you will try to try to get him to do the right thing to hit the ball. As you get better you will learn the system were your depth perception and your feeling of rhythm and movement develop to where you are thinking and feeling . You are feeling how the ball is moving and how fast it is. You are acting you are sensing what is happening objectively by seeing what it is , yet if you are in there seeing it you are not going to see it objectively so you have to learn to objectively pay attention and see what you can. Take more subjectively/objectively. You have to get a feeling you have to have a feeling of the court, the net the perspective of the court your horizon line and how you relate to that in a balance sense. You know those are the factors that gain depth in to see from the outside you are going to learn what is perspective. What is an application for geometry where the geometry isn't really the form its the way things transform. You know being able to hit cross court down the line requires a slightly different transformation while you are moving relative to the ball. If you can have an idea where the ball needs to go and how you are getting set having that deceptive capability, all of those things are about how you compete. The real competitor gets an innate feeling and inspiration and imagination of whats happening as it's happening these are higher faculties that you want those kicking when your playing. You don't want your lower self being becoming self conscious or worrying about loosing or winning. You are doing so much when you are playing good tennis, the best players prove it you just see Djokovic he some how makes the perfect little shot but when he needs to like Nadal you know on these wide winning shots where you see they stay in their shot till the end. You see their will coming up from their legs. You see their mental processes happening, you see this big heart that connects it all. The larger feeling is instead of thinking you feel with this magnanimous heart you know this deeper level. Thinking doesn't do it all the heart can connect to all of these things. That is why the players with big hearts are the ones that win.

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Have a multi-faceted perspective of your game.

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