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Sehun Boy to Man eng sub

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My eyes are closed. Alice is pouring her heart out like never ending The wind breezed through around me ,like a friend that ever keeping me dream Even he was restrained by the slanders , Even the pain is seeping quietly He never faltered and keep on I don't want to stop here ,Like Aeolus break through the future with me The night has silenced And the dawn is awaiting ahead The wind is guiding me through the hazy fog I'm losing my way but I can't let go of my dream My shoulders are weight with unfinished dreams A hidden desire ,Deep within my heart Like a fool Like a fool, What are you hesitating about ?? Starting from now, race towards your dream I can't live for you ,I can't be much help for you Even the whole world left you Even the whole world is doubting you and trust you no more Believe in the endless strength that will be with you and follow ,Please It will lead you and give you strength And never abandon you One day, When you finally understand what i mean I will be awaiting to see you at the end The wind is guiding So don't worry and determine the path and dream Rays of light amidst the clouds I hear a melody All the wounds are healing ,Humming a song Don't know when i started to carry those heavy weights Alone Looking up towards the breaking dawn ,The belief inside my heart fill with boundless strength The fading moon will be around the sun,disappearing in back light I finally understands what's the growing up mean Without wavering I follow the path the wind is guiding ,Tears fills in my eyes Pushing through the clouds the morning sun shines upon me with holy light I hear the wind singing To keep going

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Country: Andorra
Language: English
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Posted by: dreamywind on May 11, 2016

I didn't own the song.The copyright go to real owner.I really like the song so I really tried hard to translate it .IF there were any mistakes in my translation I'm really sorry.

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