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The Function of Fitting Out

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>> Hello there. Here's some food for thought. "He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life." That's a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that you just might want to return to. Well, everyday, what do you think about it? Do you create space for conquering fear? We all feel fear. Fear is normal. Fear of failure and fear of success. However, fear can keep us stuck in habits and cycles like emotional eating. Facing it empowers us to accomplish things we never thought we could. And when coaching clients around unhelpful eating habits, it's yet one more piece of the bio-individual equation. Before we dive into this short lecture, take a moment to celebrate why you're here. You're embodying self-empowerment by choosing to deepen your work as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. You've chosen to feel the fear and do it anyway. Remember to take a deep breath when you feel confused, stuck, or unsure of yourself. In this lecture, I want to highlight one particular aspect of coaching empowerment, empowering clients to fit out. To review, earlier in this course, we explored how trying to fit in can fuel an unhelpful body image and lower self-esteem when we can't achieve the ideal we try to fit into. Trying to fit into the matrix refers to consistent efforts to confirm to one-size-fits-all cultural norms that often lead us away from health and happiness. It can take us away from self-connection, self-acceptance, self-trust, personal values, and empowerment, and it can motivate emotional eating. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, you can empower clients to fit out. Now this is risky business. Going against the norm is never easy, is it? It's not easy being the black sheep and that's how fitting out can feel. Fitting out requires feeling the fear and doing it anyway. But though it might sound painful, it's actually less about resisting and more about embracing. It helps us stop fighting with ourselves because we value ourselves enough to act in ways that fit with our values. Fitting out is about choosing a self-nourishing mindset, mindfulness over mindlessness, and connection over disconnection. Let's briefly go over three benefits of fitting out and why they're important for coaching emotional eating. Number one, fitting out encourages self-trust in the number one expert. And who was that expert? You or when you're coaching clients, it's your clients. Using the lens of mindset, you can help clients shift from thinking that someone else knows what's best for them to recognizing that they are the number one experts on themselves. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, you have the questions, but your clients have the answers. Consistently return to bio-individuality, listen to the language the clients use. Does it sound like they're trying to fit into an objective ideal or box that does not, in fact, exist? Are they trying one-size-fits-all approaches like extreme or rigid eating? What are their food metaphors? And how does their food relationship mirror their relationship with themselves? Fitting out is challenging but one of the benefits is that it fosters self-connection. And self-connection goes hand in hand with self-awareness, which is the first step in moving out of cycles of struck. Self-trust requires self-connection. Rather than relying on diet books and health gurus for the ultimate answers, you can continually guide clients to turn inward. What matters to them, what are their resources, what are their bodies trying to tell them. They might not believe you at first, but over time, you can help them understand that they have all they need to go where they want to go. Fitting out also encourages creativity and self-compassion. What if you asked your clients to design their own personalized boxes that represent their strengths, values, and passions? We included a handout called The Creative Container in your Learning Center for you to try this. Number two, fitting out encourages clients to actively find their way to a healthy relationship with food, with themselves, and with their greater lives. Using the lens of mindlessness, you can shed light on possible connections between eating habits and other habits. Remember, how we do one thing is how we do everything. Shifting habits in one area of life, no matter how small, can create a domino effect. Maybe as a Health Coach, you start with the food itself or maybe you start with relationships, work, or other primary food. Escaping the matrix is challenging, we like to follow the path of least resistance. Yet, when we remain passive in a life that drains our energy, we might turn to food for solace or to feed our depleted self-esteem. You know, as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, you wear many hats. One hat you might wear is the cheerleader hat. When clients say, "I can't." When they feel stuck, and hopeless, and tired of fighting against themselves, you might counter with, "You can." Fitting out is worth it because it empowers clients to create their own paths by making their own choices by saying yes or no to what they want for themselves. It's an active process, not a passive one. Another hat you might wear as a Health Coach is the accountability hat. While always supportive, you might give clients gentle nudges or even challenge them when they struggle to move themselves. How else might you help clients take responsibility and focus on the present? Grab your journal, pause the video, and write down a few ideas. Were you able to come up with some ideas based on the material or on your own experiences? Health coaching is a partnership, in which you help clients discover their own challenges and solutions while holding their attention on what's important. When it comes to emotional eating, learning how to actively fit out is often one of the most empowering motivators of shifting mindsets and behaviors. Number three, fitting out helps clients focus beyond food. Using the lens of disconnection, you can help clients recognize when they fall into traps of unhelpful routines or habits, like eating based on self-worth at the expense of other primary food. Placing all of your eggs in one basket leaves fewer eggs for other baskets. You can help clients fit out by helping them connect with primary food. In our efforts to fit in, we can lose sight of our personal values and what really matters to us. Some questions you might ask your clients might be, "How do you define values? What are your values? Do your eating habits reflect your values? What other areas of your life might feel like they need some nourishment? What would you be thinking about if you didn't spend so much time thinking about food?" When food takes over life, your clients struggle. If factors like food and eating and body image are at the center of focus, can you see how self-worth might be more influenced by these factors? On the other hand, including space for multiple values and passions creates more opportunities for self-worth. You can help clients fit out by focusing less on food and more on other areas of life so that they don't depend on food to satisfy them when they're actually looking for another form of nourishment. To recap, helping clients fit out is an important piece of coaching self-empowerment. It's not easy. It requires taking risks and feeling the fear, but it's worth it for the benefits. Fitting out encourages self-trust, active steps, and connection with values beyond food. This week, applying practices material by reviewing the handouts and skill-building activities in your Learning Center. Make sure to set aside some time for your accountability coaching session and stay tuned as we continue to explore how you can coach self-empowerment. And, of course, keep sharing in the Facebook group. That's all for now, I'll see you again soon.

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The Function of Fitting Out

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