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EN - Ellie Johnson - DateATon 2018

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Love What You Do. Tupperware. Hi, my name is Ellie Johnson and I live in Utah. I'm in Peak Performance sales and today I wanted to share with you my top four recruiting tips. So, the first one is to share examples and not facts. It's our job as Tupperware consultants to really sell the opportunity. We obviously sell the product, we sell having a party, but sometimes I think we're a little shy about selling the opportunity, and it's our job to really go for it. Don't, not to be shy, don't be nervous and tell them how amazing Tupperware is. So, I used to always talk about the opportunity at a party, but I would just mention it and then tell people if you would like to have more information please let me know. I don't do that anymore. I spend about 10 maybe 15 minutes talking about how awesome the opportunity is and demo-ing the 'Say Yes' offer of the month. So, let me give you some examples. I used to share facts. Facts are things like, you'll make about $125 a party, you, if you get three people underneath you, you'll be a manager and you'll make more money. Tupperware will pay off your enrollment kit. You can earn tonnes of amazing product completely free in the Confidence Start Program. Those are things that are factual, right? Those are awesome things Tupperware provides us, but it doesn't really paint a picture. So I changed to sharing examples with my customers. So now I share things like, people don't like to go to Target and see a purse they really like and not be able to buy it, because it's too expensive, or, not be able to take their family on vacation on a specific, maybe to Disneyland, maybe to Hawaii whatever they want to do, but not be able to take their family on vacation. People don't like worrying about their car payment or their mortgage payment. So these are some examples of real life things that perhaps the customers and the guest in your room are struggling with and now you're offering them a solution, which is Tupperware. So, I'm gonna go into party mode, and I'm gonna pretend that you are my guests and I'm gonna share exactly what I say with my guests. Now, make it your own, but this is what I do. So, I have a folder and I go through that folder with all of my guests, and in that folder is the 'Say Yes' offer. So, I'll have a 'Say Yes' offer, whatever that might be and I'll do the following, here's my party mode. All right, so let me tell you about the Tupperware opportunity. First of all, no one likes going to Target and seeing a purse, or a scarf, or a pair of earrings that they really like and not being able to buy it because maybe they have other expenses that month that are more important. They just don't have the money, or, nobody likes worrying about their car payment or worrying about their mortgage payment. Everyone likes to have a couple extra hundred dollars a month to spend on whatever they like, and Tupperware can provide that. That's the amazing thing about Tupperware is it can provide you the extra couple hundred dollars a month that you need, to not worry about those things. So, this is the way you would get started with Tupperware. First, you would get this amazing enrollment kit. It's $350 of Tupperware products and business supplies and it only costs $39 down. That's absolutely nothing, such a good deal. Plus, you would get the amazing 'Say Yes' offer. Now, at this point, I would pause, talk about the amazing 'Say Yes offer whatever it might be during that month and maybe demo it if I want to, okay? So, then I would say, "This is a great opportunity that I think everyone should try. Tupperware is for everyone to try." You sign up, you get all of the product, you do your launch party and you see if you like it, you see if it's for you and if it's not, no big deal. And if it is, then you can keep making money every single month. So that's, that's the at my party mode, that's what I say. The majority of it is talking about the 'Say Yes' offer and talking about the amazing enrollment kit and obviously giving examples. All right, so my number two sales tip is to really sell the 'Say Yes' offer and the Power Chef. Okay, so I'm gonna be honest, I joined originally for the product. I wanted the Power Chef, I wanted some of the other products that were in the enrollment kit and $39 is nothing for what we get in our enrollment kit. So I joined for the product. It took me a couple of months to get started and now obvioulsy I'm growing a great business and I'm really excited about that and Tupperware has allowed me to stay home with my baby. So it's been a huge blessing. But again, I originally joined for the product. So, other people will do the same thing. So don't be shy about people joining just for the kit or just for the 'Say Yes' offer. It's again, and your job as the Consultant to then have a launch party with them and get them going. Again, I used to not even worry about people who seemed like they were just gonna get the kit and move on and not do anything. I've completely changed that mindset in my business and now, if someone wants to join for the product, perfect! I'm happy to help that person. I have them do a launch party and then we see where they go from there. So, I actually just joined someone this last Saturday and she only joined for the kit and now she already has two parties scheduled. So you never know, right? So you just got to get people in and see what they wanna do, see what they can do. The product will always entice people. So remember to talk about the fact that the power chef is included in our enrollment kit, and our enrollment kit is $39 and the Power Chef all by itself is $69. So it's a great great deal for anyone even if they just wanna join for the Power Chef. All right, so my third tip is I always do a recruiting raffle at every single one of my parties. So, I have, I always bring a bunch of raffle sheets I have one right here, and it just says 'Raffle Opportunity' at the top. Now, I do my raffle after the demo is completely over. I do not include these in my folders with all my little fliers about host specials, sales specials, catalogs, these are completely separate. So we do the folders, we do the demo and then after that's over I say, "Hey, I have another opportunity for you guys to earn free product. You could earn a free gift, it's totally up to you if you fill out this raffle sheet." And I hand one to every person individually and then I put one little bowl in the middle of the table and I tell everyone to put their raffle sheets in the bowl when they're done So, just so you know what's on the raffle sheet, so I ask for their name, the hostesses name, and their phone number. Not the hostesses, that customer's phone number. The questions, what would you do with an extra $1400 a month? Right? That would be awesome. What part of my job interests you the most? And I give some examples money, flexibility, discount, great product, car's, trips, fun. Next question, can you see yourself doing what I do? Why or why not? Next question, how interested are you in more information about the Tupperware business? And then I have a ranking of one to ten. So I list all the numbers between one and ten. And the last question, who do you think would make a great Tupperware lady? And you can't say me, I'm already a Tupperware lady and I love it. Okay, so those are the questions on the raffle sheet. So they fill this out, they put it in the Wonderlier bowl. When everyone has filled out their raffle tickets then I mix them up and I either draw a winner or I have the hostess draw a winner. One thing is make sure the host fills out the raffle sheet. She is your number one potential recruit. So, I know she's probably busy walking around, talking to her guests, but make sure she fills out a raffle sheet as well. All right, so then I draw, I draw or the hostess draws for a prize. So these are some examples of the prizes that I give out and they get to choose which one they want. I always have a rocker, a rocker scoop, these are just a dollar for us as consultants, so really cheap. And then this is an old Date and Hold gift. I never use the current Date and Hold gift, but I will use old Date and Hold gifts that I didn't use. Again, these are often just a dollar for us. So I'm happy to give away a one dollar prize to get all of that information about potential recruits at my party. And I let them pick which one they want. Then, now again the demo is over. So all of the customers are looking through the catalog, looking at the products you brought and kind of talking to their friends. So at this point, I have a minute to breathe. So I take the wonder little bowl over at the side and I look through all of the little raffle sheets that I have had my customers fill out. And I see who has put a number four or above as being interested in joining Tupperware. And I always have one or two people who have who are interested enough that I should go talk to them. So then I take a moment and I go find that person at the party individually and I talk to her specifically right then. I don't wait for her to place her order, what if she doesn't place an order? What if she doesn't have very much money so she's not gonna order anything, but she wants to join Tupperware so she can make money, right? So I don't wait for them to do, I do a sit down order like in taking everyone's order at the end of the party, but I don't wait for that to talk to them about the opportunity. I go find them and kind of pull them aside. So, I'm gonna go into party mode again, and I have a friend and colleague here with me named Kaitlyn. And she has filled out the raffle sheet, okay? So this is what Kaitlyn says. Kaitlyn says that with an extra $1,400 a month she would save money for a trip. She says that she would be interested in my job for the money and the flexibility, and that she's a mom of three. And then she says she, 'yes', 'maybe' right? When I asked her can you see yourself doing what I do? She says 'yes' 'maybe'. And then she put number six, out of one through ten, she put a six for being interested. So, this is great information for me to have. So this is what I would do if I saw Kaitlyn at a party and I had her raffle ticket. Hey, Kaitlyn, I saw that you might be interested in the Tupperware business. Can you tell me a little bit about what interests you? - Well I'm home all day. - I get it. - So you know a break might be kind of nice, and we may be can always use money. - I, yeah, absolutely. - But definitely, like getting out of the house would be awesome. - Perfect, yeah I'm the same way. So I have a 10-month-old and I actually originally joined Tupperware cause I wanted to be able to stay home with him but now that I'm home with him I love having a break and the extra money lets me stay home. So that is exactly why I love Tupperware. -Awesome. - It's super flexible, you can work when you have time, right? If your little one needs you well you are free so if your kids need you you can focus on that and then you can work when they're not being, or at school or you know, depending on their ages. So I love the flexibility, and I just love the extra money, right? It makes it possible for us to pay for things that we normally wouldn't and just really lower that monetary stress. -How much money do you make? - Yeah, absolutely great question. So with one party a week you will make about $500 a month, right? Just one party a week which is just three hours, right? So then once you become a manager and you move up in the business obviously you'll be making more money, but, I mean, one party a week? I think it gets totally doable. - Yeah, three hours. - Right, three hours a week, 500 bucks a month So, and if you do two parties a week, you actually jump all the way up to $1,400 a month, because you'll end up getting bonuses. - Tripple... - Exactly. Two parties a week you can totally do that, right? - Yeah, six hours. - Absolutely. So, I see you put 'yes' 'maybe' so why or why not? What would kind of hold you back from joining Tupperware? - I think just like, it could, I don't know, maybe finding time to do like everything, like, cause I've got three kids at home and sometimes it's just enough to do that sometimes, right? - I totally, oh my gosh I totally get it. - So I think time would maybe be my hang-up, but then, kind of what you're saying though, it may... free up more time in a way. - Yeah, absolutely. Well, and again I think the flexibility is key because like my baby got sick last week and so he was like kind of out for the count and I spent a lot more time taking care of him than I normally would have, So I didn't get as much Tupperware done last week, but then this week, he's been great. So now I can focus a little bit more on Tupperware when he's napping. So I love that it's not like a typical job where even if my baby is sick I have to go to work, I have to leave him. - Right, that's true. Yeah. - So like if something is going on with your family then I would focus on family first and then I can do my Tupperware as well to make sure that my family is taken care of monetarily Right? That's why I do Tupperware. - Yeah. So, I guess let me see, I mean, do you think we can get you started tonight or later this week? - I think tonight's good, yeah. I'm gonna give you my information then just like double check with my husband. - Yes, absolutely. - Let's do that. - Okay let's go seat on the couch, I'll get your information and then I'll call you tomorrow to just confirm. - Awesome. - Thanks, Kaitlyn. - Yeah, thank you. - All right, so that's just an example, right? So the main things I try to hit when I talk to my customers is why you wanna join Tupperware, so she said money, flexibility, so we talked about that. And then I asked what would hold her back from joining Tupperware Right? And then again she said flexibility so we got to touch on that twice. But, I always try to alleviate any concerns they have as well, right? To make them comfortable about joining the business. So, I also, my tip number four was included in that little demo that we just did. My last tip is you ask them at the end of your conversation can I get you started tonight, or later this week? Right? Because, that is two positives for you, right? Getting them started tonight, win, you've got a new recruit. Getting them started later this week, again, new recruit. So now they have to actually like decide to say no. The two options that you're giving them are both positive for you. So, those are my four tips. I hope they help you out they've really helped me grow my business, they've really turned my business around and I'm so grateful that I was able to make these changes and hopefully, they can do the same for you. Love What You Do. Tupperware.

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EN - Ellie Johnson - DateATon 2018

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