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Hi darling, from Cornellà I know that you really want to come back and we want to welcome you back, both you and Jordi And that's for you to have a memory from us knowing that you have your graduation on the 20th as you know we would love to be part of your big day however we won't be able to be there we would have really liked to be there with you but you know, it won't take us too long to see each other again we hope that you know we wait for you to be here and you know that mum and dad love you a lot Now your dad is playing the fool, but well, what can we do? Not sure if I told you, mom and dad bought you a spa treatment as a gift for you to calm down - not like the dog, that's very nervous - and know that I love you a lot, both you and Jordi now your dad will tell you a few words... as you can see, we've been suffering taking care of your beloved Otto during the last two years that's what I am talking about.. these two years have passed by so slowly but very fast at the same time for us however, we've concluded that two years went by quick and slow but always looking at the future and hoping the best for you I know that you can do this again for two more years though No, that's just a joke!!! Otto has been here very well treated and loved, and we can't wait for the day that we will meet in San Francisco. We really hope that the first thing we see when we arrive at the airport is you two not the airport director or someone else For the record, we want a very big sign written " Mr and Ms Cabezas" when we arrive You have to have that in consideration! Oh! Yes, because we don't speak English always remember that we love you a lot, from Cornellà all of your family: your grandparents, your aunts, and especially us! And well, I want to let you know that the girl that's filming us will come, Anna Anna Giné Let me tell you that she has been so patient with us I don't know if we did good or not but for the record, we did from our hearts Come Anna, come my dear! Please...tell her something Well. Well, the dog hasn't been quite in the whole time, as you can see Darling, we miss you a lot I know that you will be here with us in a really short period of time We are very proud of you. All of us. And we can't wait for the day that we can go again to have a coffee and go have a gin tonic We love you a lot and congratulations you deserve the best!! kisses and love.. remember that we love you so much!

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